My Context with Tyson Herald from Danville, Indiana

December 18, 2017    
Keith Parker    
My Context

In the 13 years I’ve been involved in youth ministry, I’ve found that having clear expectations for my students and staff have proved to be invaluable. Having those expectations set out in a clear, easy to remember way is even better. With church attendance continuing to be sporadic at best, and everything in the world competing for our students’ time, thoughts, and energy, these 3 rules have helped shape what we do….    read more 

An Open Letter to Church Leaders

October 23, 2013    
Keith Parker    

You might assume by the title of this post that I’m concurrently working on my resume and a blog post, but I’m excited about sharing this post with you and with my own church leaders as we seek to make Christ famous.  I am also eager to hear back from you on what you would share with your church leaders, and I hope this post will be a great conversation starter. I…    read more 

An Open Letter to Youth Ministers

October 11, 2013    
Keith Parker    

Okay, I’ve come to grips with it.  I’m getting old.  I have more gray hairs than brown anymore, it seems.  And I make weird noises when I get up.  So, I get it.  I’m getting older.  But one benefit of being in Youth Ministry for a while (12.5 years at Hazelwood and counting) is that I’ve “put childish things behind me” in a lot of areas where I used to struggle. Please…    read more 

Youth Pastors and Self Promotion

How many times have I unfollowed someone on Twitter because they link to their blog every hour? How many times have I rolled my eyes in a Facebook group for youth pastors because I ask a question, and instead of interaction I get linked to a blog? How many times have I had a conversation with a youth pastor, and all they can talk about is their accomplishments? It’s annoying, guys.  But…    read more 

Editors picks 5.17.13

May 17, 2013    
Josh Read    

As we discussed our favorite things this week, we realized a lot of our contributors had a great week, full of blessings. We hope your week was one of success, that you got plenty done, learned a ton, and had a bunch of wins. If not, we’d love to pray with you and for you, just connect with us on Facebook. Here’s a look back at some of the things we posted…    read more 

Engaging students you have nothing in common with

May 15, 2013    
Josh Read    

Confession time: I like to talk to people who are like me. You probably do the same thing as well. You naturally gravitate to someone in a room who you feel you have a connection with. On Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, the people I’m around that I have the most in common with are the adults in the room. They have kids. They have jobs. They have bills and schedules and other…    read more 

Should Youth Groups allow students to use their phones?

May 13, 2013    
Jeremy Smith    

This is a topic that seems to get asked about quite a bit by Youth Pastors, especially in our Facebook Group (of nearly 700+). So we decided to have two of our contributors who use technology quite a bit to weigh in on why your students should or shouldn’t use their phones, and tried to steer clear of some of the typical answers. Read Jeremy Smith’s thoughts on why Youth Groups should…    read more 

Leave The Cell Phones On At Youth Group

May 13, 2013    
Jeremy Smith    

The church seems to have this unspoken war on cell phones within the church walls. We always ask people to silence them, and most youth groups I know state that teenagers need to completely turn them off or leave them at home. But I want to actually push back on this and state that teenagers should leave their cell phones on at youth groups. Below, we have a list of great ideas…    read more 

Social Media Responsibility for Youth Workers

At the pace that technology rolls out, it may be time to call “being on social media” as old school. The idea that church staff must be engaged on social media may be gone and the time for something more diverse is at hand. I want to offer something that may be revolutionary for some but in fact could be a game changer for many different ministries: youth pastors should not be…    read more