Instagram Won't Kill Your Ministry, But Something Much Worse Will.

May 31, 2013    
Josh Fuentes    

Many of you have read Daniel Beckworth‘s  post “Instagram Will Kill Your Ministry” over at If you haven’t,  please make sure to read his post before you read mine. First and foremost, I agree with the points Daniel makes, except for the part about kicking puppies, maybe kicking cats would of been much more appropriate. All joking aside, I appreciate what Daniel has brought to the table and how we should…    read more 

The Key to Good Communication in Youth ministry

May 29, 2013    
Ben Read    

I’d like to say that when I was a student in Youth Group, I always relayed pertinent information back to my parents. I mean, I never missed any events and I always knew what was going on… but if I’m honest, more of that probably had to do with my Dad being the Pastor and already having all of the information. But out of that, it was easy for me to fall…    read more 

Youth Ministry Group Game – Shark Attack

May 22, 2013    
Ben Read    

This game actually started out as a bit of a joke as a few of my Middle School Leaders and I were brainstorming games. We thought about how you could make almost any game 50x better in, middle school ministry, by simply adding pool noodles to it, how even shark’s and minnows would become an entirely new game for the students who play it every year in the pool, if you simply…    read more 

Recognizing Seniors in Student Ministry and the Church

May 20, 2013    
Frank Gil    

I just started at my current church in the beginning of April, so the seniors here haven’t “grown up” under my ministry. Unfortunately, these seniors hadn’t had a youth pastor for most of their senior year, and I felt bad for them. So to make sure their senior year could end as great as possible, even with the circumstances, I did the following: When I got here I made sure to reach…    read more 

Planning a Mission Trip: After the Trip

May 16, 2013    
Keith Parker    

I think every youth minister has wrestled with this at one point or another. So much effort and energy goes into planning and executing the mission trip that we neglect what happens AFTER the bus heads for home. I am becoming more and more convinced that what happens at the end of the trip and the follow up after the trip are as important as the trip itself. Having a solid plan…    read more 

Engaging students you have nothing in common with

May 15, 2013    
Josh Read    

Confession time: I like to talk to people who are like me. You probably do the same thing as well. You naturally gravitate to someone in a room who you feel you have a connection with. On Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, the people I’m around that I have the most in common with are the adults in the room. They have kids. They have jobs. They have bills and schedules and other…    read more 

Should Youth Groups allow students to use their phones?

May 13, 2013    
Jeremy Smith    

This is a topic that seems to get asked about quite a bit by Youth Pastors, especially in our Facebook Group (of nearly 700+). So we decided to have two of our contributors who use technology quite a bit to weigh in on why your students should or shouldn’t use their phones, and tried to steer clear of some of the typical answers. Read Jeremy Smith’s thoughts on why Youth Groups should…    read more 

Open Letter to Volunteers

May 10, 2013    
Frank Gil    

Dear Volunteer, If you are reading this, it does not mean that you are in trouble; nor does it mean the youth pastor who sent you this to you is upset with you. This is a list of things on their heart that they may just want to reiterate; or perhaps they have never talked over any of this with you. I am sure that you are the perfect volunteer and that…    read more 

Making Youth Group Resources you can be proud of

If you’ve been putting out quality print media for your ministry, but you want to take it to the next level, this is for you. Printed materials that look great are awesome. Printed materials that look AND feel great are even better. Never underestimate the wow factor of a tactile experience when someone touches your card for the first time. With this in mind, let’s look at two ways to “upgrade” your…    read more 

Planning a Mission Trip: Making the Most of Every Opportunity

May 6, 2013    
Keith Parker    

While most of the heavy lifting in planning a mission trip comes in the “pre-trip” planning stages (picking a location, setting the budget, picking the team, and nailing down the details), the importance of planning what happens ON THE TRIP cannot be overlooked. Some of the most incredible things that have happened on mission trips have been spontaneous and unplanned, but I do think there are some general principles and ideas that…    read more