Short-term mission

Planning a Mission Trip: After the Trip

May 16, 2013    
Keith Parker    

I think every youth minister has wrestled with this at one point or another. So much effort and energy goes into planning and executing the mission trip that we neglect what happens AFTER the bus heads for home. I am becoming more and more convinced that what happens at the end of the trip and the follow up after the trip are as important as the trip itself. Having a solid plan…    read more 

Planning a Mission Trip: Making the Most of Every Opportunity

May 6, 2013    
Keith Parker    

While most of the heavy lifting in planning a mission trip comes in the “pre-trip” planning stages (picking a location, setting the budget, picking the team, and nailing down the details), the importance of planning what happens ON THE TRIP cannot be overlooked. Some of the most incredible things that have happened on mission trips have been spontaneous and unplanned, but I do think there are some general principles and ideas that…    read more 

Planning a Mission Trip: Devil's in the Details

Let’s face it, youth ministers aren’t always known as the best planners. Sometimes, we do a great job of casting the overall vision of our ministry while neglecting the smaller details. A mission trip is not the time to miss the small stuff. Sometimes, missing a minor detail can result in major problems. As you set the wheels in motion for your next mission trip, here are some steps you can take…    read more 

Planning a Mission Trip: Picking the Team

April 11, 2013    
Keith Parker    

Once you have the location picked out and the budget set, the next step is to get the team you want in place. This can be a crucial part of the mission trip planning process. These will be the people that your students will interact with, work with, and learn from throughout the week, so choose wisely. Here are some practical things to think through as you set your team for your…    read more 

Planning a Mission Trip: Setting the Budget

April 6, 2013    
Keith Parker    

After you have picked the perfect location for your mission trip, the next thing you need to do is to figure out the financial part.  Setting the budget can be one of the most important steps in this process, because a few errors or oversights can mean thousands of dollars that your budget wasn’t expecting.  Since there are so many things to consider when it comes to finances, let me just share…    read more 

The Forgotten Essentials of Youth Ministry: Critical practices for smart, sustainable Youth Ministry

January 16, 2013    
Josh Read    

What is the big event this year that will grow your ministry? What curriculum will you teach that will have an eternal impact on your students? What message will you preach that will result in the masses committing their lives to Christ? Unfortunately these questions asked by pastors, parents, and congregation members leave youth leaders searching for the next big thing, or the next great idea that will launch their ministry into…    read more