Religion and Spirituality

What I pray before I speak to students

Every Wednesday Night before the students show up, right after I print out the final draft of my message, I pray this prayer. Maybe not word for word, but this same idea every time.   Lord, Thank You for the opportunity to speak to these students that You have given to this ministry. I am not worthy of speaking Your truth into these kids’ lives, yet You make me worthy through Your…    read more 

Giving Constructive Criticism

June 10, 2013    

Confrontation.  It’s hard, it’s messy, but it’s needed. So how do you give constructive criticism to someone in a way that isn’t rejected? I’m going to present a method to give it in a way that makes the other person feel like “Hey, I’m doing a good job, I just need to work on a few things” rather than “I’m a piece of crap and I need to go move back in…    read more 

Youth Pastors and Self Promotion

How many times have I unfollowed someone on Twitter because they link to their blog every hour? How many times have I rolled my eyes in a Facebook group for youth pastors because I ask a question, and instead of interaction I get linked to a blog? How many times have I had a conversation with a youth pastor, and all they can talk about is their accomplishments? It’s annoying, guys.  But…    read more 

The Key to Good Communication in Youth ministry

May 29, 2013    
Ben Read    

I’d like to say that when I was a student in Youth Group, I always relayed pertinent information back to my parents. I mean, I never missed any events and I always knew what was going on… but if I’m honest, more of that probably had to do with my Dad being the Pastor and already having all of the information. But out of that, it was easy for me to fall…    read more 

Should Youth Groups allow students to use their phones?

May 13, 2013    
Jeremy Smith    

This is a topic that seems to get asked about quite a bit by Youth Pastors, especially in our Facebook Group (of nearly 700+). So we decided to have two of our contributors who use technology quite a bit to weigh in on why your students should or shouldn’t use their phones, and tried to steer clear of some of the typical answers. Read Jeremy Smith’s thoughts on why Youth Groups should…    read more 

Editor's Picks 5.10.13 – Training to Run the Race

May 10, 2013    
Josh Read    

Are You Tired of Defining Yourself? by Carson Weitnauer  Youth Ministry and the art of Running the Race by Phil Bell Can you hear me by David Grant The trainer vs. the Developer  by Brandon Anderson Dear Youth Leader by Greg Stier Bruises and Excuses by Jarrid Wilson STUDY: Texting while driving now leading cause of death in teen drivers by Delthia Ricks This is Water Mayhem is Coming [gdl_gallery title=”Always be on…    read more 

Summertime Blues

Summer is right around the corner, and it is approaching quickly! I love being a part of camps, mission trips, and random outings that can only take place during the summer break. The preparation that is put into summer is all paid off when we get to see God move in our students’ lives. Summer truly is an exciting time for youth ministries! Yet, there is a problem. I’m having a hard time…    read more 

Are you coming to Orange Conference 2013? You could WIN

April 23, 2013    
Ben Read    

I’ve loved the tradition of making my way to Atlanta every April for the gathering of Student Pastors, Children Pastors, and Sr. Pastors that occurs at the Orange Conference. The number one thing I’ve always heard others say about the Orange Conference is “would the conference be of benefit to me if I don’t use the curriculum?” and I always emphatically say YES. Here’s a look back at some of the sessions…    read more 

Editor's Picks 4.19.13 – Dr. Piper taught me to focus on more than memes

April 18, 2013    
Ben Read    

We asked our team this week to recommend one thing they wanted other Youth Pastors to know about it. Here’s what they gave us: It’s OK to call yourself a Christian by Lillian Daniel Losing Focus on why you do what you do by Nicholas D’amico More than Memes by Jason Watson 7 things I’ve learned from Dr. John Piper by Mark Driscoll Bibles to give graduating Sr.’s by Austin McCann  Gospel-Centered Manhood…    read more 

Social Media and Youth Ministry

If you haven’t heard, the Youth Ministry Roundtable is back, and we think it’s better than ever. One thing that makes it better? We also brought back the Youthmin Tweetchat! We hadn’t done a tweet chat in over a year, and we missed the community that brought so much! When we combined the two of them, we realized we had something special. So here is the most recent Youth Ministry Roundtable, just…    read more