5 Signs You Might Be Building the Wrong Kingdom

May 22, 2018    
Keith Parker    

What Kingdom are you building?  I’m not sure there is any more important question to ask, particularly for those of us in full-time ministry.  I don’t think anyone enters ministry with a deliberate intention of gaining notoriety, being respected, or having a “following.”  I believe most people enter the ministry with the best of intentions – to introduce people to the hope, joy and peace that come from following Jesus. But somewhere…    read more 

4 things that will help you make a better Youth Ministry Calendar

planning a youth group calendar

For the last few years, the Ministries I have been apart of have traditionally released our Youth Group calendars three times a year; Fall Calendar, Spring Calendar, and Summer Calendar. We had a pretty good set up of our fall and spring one’s this past year, but we changed it up in the summer, and learned a few lessons that I believe are helpful for other Youth Pastors Planning a Youth Group…    read more 

Parent Meeting Agenda

September 7, 2015    
Keith Parker    
parent meeting agenda

At HCCYM, we meet with parents a few times a year, typically at the start of a new semester, to go over the information for the upcoming months of activities, lessons, and regular programs.  We typically do these short meetings after church in our youth area, which allows families to stay after church instead of making a special trip.  These are short meetings, but an important way to connect with parents and…    read more 

Where’s Your Zone?

November 11, 2014    
Brent Aiken    

I don’t think I have ever spoken to a Youth Pastor before without somehow or another moving the conversation to curriculum and event planning. I, for one, absolutely love writing my own curriculum. I love the freedom it gives me to cover the topic that I choose and address it in the manner that I like. Writing curriculum challenges me to push myself and my understanding of God even when I feel farthest…    read more 

Why your Youth Ministry should be more like Apple

July 29, 2014    
Ben Read    

One of the things I love about Apple, that I believe (because they tell me this to be true) makes their products that much superior, is their patience. They have plenty of ideas for things that could make the iPhone or iPad better, but they don’t rush the product, and until they can make that idea the best idea, they won’t put it in the phone.

What would happen to your Youth Ministry if you left?

Yesterday, one of our contributors, Frank Gil, posted this July 1st = Fall Calendar Planning! Posted by Frank Gil on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 He’s not alone, and I know many Youth Pastors are planning beyond their Fall Calendars and are thinking about the entire ministry year that lays ahead of us, and if you haven’t started that process yet, you should. Last year around this time, I was coming home from our annual…    read more 

Evaluating: Why It’s Crucial For Youth Ministry

February 18, 2014    
Brian Lucas    

How’s your ministry going? Good? or maybe not so good? Why? What’s going well? What are you doing right, and what is God doing that’s really bringing great things into your ministry? What’s not going well? Why is that? If this feels very uncomfortable or new to you, you may be suffering from a condition known as Lackickus Evaluatius, or more commonly: lack of evaluation. If you are not regularly evaluating your ministry and…    read more 

Turning ideas into plans #leadingup

August 20, 2013    
Ben Read    

Last week, I was having a conversation with a fellow Youth Pastor and he said something that made me laugh and cringe at the same time. It’s an experience that every Youth Pastor has faced at some point, but the times when a church member hears about one thing going on for teens within 100 miles and approaches you with it, almost as a mandate. “My Sister’s Church is having a lock-in…    read more