Christmas gift ideas for ministry volunteers

November 16, 2016    
Ben Read    
ministry volunteer gift ideas

I don’t know about you, but I sort of hate November in the ministry world. Hear me out, it can be a crazy month! You just got through the craziness of Fall Launch, which always seems like it was forever ago, yet also feels like it was just last week. Maybe you just wrapped up a crazy time leading into Halloween, maybe you had a fall retreat somewhere in there, and now it’s November. You…    read more 

Why your Youth Ministry should be more like Apple

July 29, 2014    
Ben Read    

One of the things I love about Apple, that I believe (because they tell me this to be true) makes their products that much superior, is their patience. They have plenty of ideas for things that could make the iPhone or iPad better, but they don’t rush the product, and until they can make that idea the best idea, they won’t put it in the phone.

Turning ideas into plans #leadingup

August 20, 2013    
Ben Read    

Last week, I was having a conversation with a fellow Youth Pastor and he said something that made me laugh and cringe at the same time. It’s an experience that every Youth Pastor has faced at some point, but the times when a church member hears about one thing going on for teens within 100 miles and approaches you with it, almost as a mandate. “My Sister’s Church is having a lock-in…    read more 

The dilemma of going to a Youth Ministry Conference

April 22, 2013    
Ben Read    

Odds are, you aren’t on staff at a mega-church that puts on mega-conferences on a yearly basis. Odds are you aren’t on the speaking circuit, traveling from city to city speaking to other Youth Pastors on how they can improve their Youth Ministries. And odds are that you don’t go to conferences just for the free stuff, because you don’t need to learn anything in the sessions and workshops. Because of that,…    read more 

Apple, Samsung, and the Church

August 27, 2012    
Nick Farr    

As you have probably already read, Apple won their court battle against Samsung Electronics. Samsung was ordered to pay Apple over 1 billion dollars. After all the media reports and tech articles, I don’t blame anyone if they got lost in the shuffle. The jury even had over 20 pages to work through because the case was so complicated. So, what did Apple win? They won the fight against copying. Apple claimed…    read more 

Short Term Mission Trips

August 13, 2012    
Frank Gil    

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about Short Term Mission Trips, and I just returned recently from one to Wimauma, FL , and it was probably one of the best trips my youth group has ever been on. After I having read post after post about some of the issues with short term mission trips, and considering our Youth Ministry abandoning them next year , opting instead for a summer camp, I wanted to…    read more 

Things we do in Youth Ministry today that will be mocked in the future

August 12, 2012    
Ben Read    

Really enjoyed reading an article about 10 trends of today that will be mocked in 20 years over on, check out a few of their items: Toms Take a good look at a pair of Toms. Yes, the guy who invented them is a marketing genius. Yes, by buying a pair you can give a pair of shoes to a child in Africa. But honestly, the shoes are oddly-shaped canvas. How long…    read more