Holy Spirit

Expecting the Holy Spirit to show up at Youth Group

March 5, 2013    
Ben Read    

Confession: I’m sometimes very judgmental on Social Media. When you post a picture of a Bible, a journal, and a cup of coffee and say “LOVE this time of my day” I write it off as fake. When you post a picture of a Bible verse from youversion, I wonder if you only read the Bible to find a verse to post. And when you post a picture of students with their…    read more 

What if Youth Ministry was different?

March 4, 2013    
Nick Farr    

What if… we stopped talking about what youth ministry does wrong and started looking at what we do wrong? Matthew 12:33-37 What if… we withheld judgement of this or that youth pastor’s motives and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal ours? Matthew 7:1-5, Romans 2:1-3 What if… we got off our soapbox and starting fixing the problem we moan about? James 3:10, James 4:1-7 What if… we stopped self-promoting and focused our…    read more 

Helping Students understand the importance of Reading the Bible

November 19, 2012    

What I find in this fast-paced culture is more and more people are biblically illiterate. God’s Word is powerful, true, relevant and applicable. Everyone has an opinion on the Bible and if it is trustworthy. Some pick and choose which verses they think are inspired by God. I believe that God’s Word is His infallible and inherent Word. It is completely trustworthy. Why should we read it? God reveals Himself in the Bible. It is…    read more 

What Now? Dealing With Discouragement

November 8, 2012    
Keith Parker    

Every ministry is different, with unique stories, successes, challenges, and goals.  You may be reading this article as a minister to adults, to students, a worship leader, a volunteer youth sponsor, a small groups leader, a Sunday School teacher, or maybe something entirely different. But there is one common thread that runs through every single ministry.  Discouragement is something that every single person in ministry has experienced at some point or another. …    read more 

Discussion: If WEED were legal….

July 18, 2012    
Nick Farr    

As a youth pastor, I already know that students view weed differently than I do (I’m 31). So, here is the question: If marijuana were made legal, what position would you take?  [polldaddy poll=6398358] We’d love to hear your thoughts below…   Related articles You Stink: What do when a Student Reeks at Youth Group(youthmin.org) What Youth Ministry setting would you prefer?(youthmin.org) Facebook Timeline Cover(youthmin.org)