Are You Lazy?

Are you lazy?  Let’s be honest, that’s a pretty pointed question.  Most of us recoil defensively, but I think it’s a question we need to wrestle with if we want to be great ministers of the Gospel.  Last time I checked, the call of Christ was pretty intense, and passages like James 3:1 make it clear that we who teach will be held accountable for our efforts. But instead of just ranting…    read more 

Intern 101: During the Internship

In my previous post, I pointed out how important the process of hiring an intern can be.  By working hard on the front end and hiring someone who is on board with your philosophy of ministry and works well with your personality, you can be relatively certain of a successful internship experience.  However, once you’ve hired your intern, it’s important to put together a deliberate and meaningful plan for his or her…    read more 

An Open Letter to Students on Identity

August 19, 2013    
Keith Parker    

Dear Student, I see what is going on.  You might think it’s invisible to the people around you, but I see it.  I see how you are working so hard for approval from those around you.  I see the clothes you wear, the things you buy, the music you listen to, and the way you act around others.  Sometimes, I wonder if these things really add up to equal YOU or just…    read more 

Instagram Won't Kill Your Ministry, But Something Much Worse Will.

May 31, 2013    
Josh Fuentes    

Many of you have read Daniel Beckworth‘s  post “Instagram Will Kill Your Ministry” over at Youthministry.com. If you haven’t,  please make sure to read his post before you read mine. First and foremost, I agree with the points Daniel makes, except for the part about kicking puppies, maybe kicking cats would of been much more appropriate. All joking aside, I appreciate what Daniel has brought to the table and how we should…    read more 

Youth Pastors and Self Promotion

How many times have I unfollowed someone on Twitter because they link to their blog every hour? How many times have I rolled my eyes in a Facebook group for youth pastors because I ask a question, and instead of interaction I get linked to a blog? How many times have I had a conversation with a youth pastor, and all they can talk about is their accomplishments? It’s annoying, guys.  But…    read more 

The Key to Good Communication in Youth ministry

May 29, 2013    
Ben Read    

I’d like to say that when I was a student in Youth Group, I always relayed pertinent information back to my parents. I mean, I never missed any events and I always knew what was going on… but if I’m honest, more of that probably had to do with my Dad being the Pastor and already having all of the information. But out of that, it was easy for me to fall…    read more 

Youth Ministry Group Game – Shark Attack

May 22, 2013    
Ben Read    

This game actually started out as a bit of a joke as a few of my Middle School Leaders and I were brainstorming games. We thought about how you could make almost any game 50x better in, middle school ministry, by simply adding pool noodles to it, how even shark’s and minnows would become an entirely new game for the students who play it every year in the pool, if you simply…    read more 

Recognizing Seniors in Student Ministry and the Church

May 20, 2013    
Frank Gil    

I just started at my current church in the beginning of April, so the seniors here haven’t “grown up” under my ministry. Unfortunately, these seniors hadn’t had a youth pastor for most of their senior year, and I felt bad for them. So to make sure their senior year could end as great as possible, even with the circumstances, I did the following: When I got here I made sure to reach…    read more 

The first step is always the hardest

What is God stirring in your heart? The first few verses of the book of Ezra open with the king of Persia essentially granting freedom to the exiles of God that are within his reign the freedom to go home and to rebuild the temple of God. As Christians, we know the God we serve is great and able to do anything; for example, having the king of the nation who is…    read more 

Planning a Mission Trip: After the Trip

May 16, 2013    
Keith Parker    

I think every youth minister has wrestled with this at one point or another. So much effort and energy goes into planning and executing the mission trip that we neglect what happens AFTER the bus heads for home. I am becoming more and more convinced that what happens at the end of the trip and the follow up after the trip are as important as the trip itself. Having a solid plan…    read more