Star Wars game Jedi Training

April 30, 2018    
Ben Read    
youth ministry star wars

Here’s a fun and simple game we always play at youth group around May the fourth! It’s pretty easy and is a ton of fun to watch. The basic premise is we’ll have two players on stage competing against each other, each of these players will be blindfolded and given a nerf lightsaber. Other students will throw foam balls towards the players, who must use the force to knock them away. After…    read more 

Waffle Things

November 13, 2017    
Ben Read    
stranger things game

I Loved this game idea submitted by Jon D Forrest in the Facebook group, and I wanted to share it here so that it would live longer than just on Facebook. Jon uploaded a video of a student tossing in a waffle from about 10 feet away and said “Goodwill toaster-$3.99. Frozen waffles-$1.50. SLO-mo video-priceless.” Seems simple enough to come up with different variations, but if you’ve got a stranger things…    read more 

I Bought It…Now What? by Jason Sell

March 15, 2017    
Keith Parker    

Jason Sell is the Youth Minister at Lebanon Christian Church in Indiana. One of my historical struggles has been follow-­through on projects. Just check my garage and you would understand from the almost finished projects that ran into some complication. Somehow the persistent weekly schedule of being a youth minister who preaches each week and teaches once or twice a week inevitably catches up to me, and there sit a stack of…    read more 

GAME – Full Speed Pictionary

March 14, 2016    
Keith Parker    
pictionary game

So a number of years ago, I was in a rush before youth group trying to figure out a quick game with minimal setup.  In a moment of inspiration, I created Full Speed Pictionary.  I don’t know if I invented it or stole it from the dark corners of my mind somewhere, but it has become a game our students love.  It’s quick, easy, involves everyone, and gets students moving. So how…    read more 

Why The YouthMin Facebook Group is AWESOME!

YouthMin Facebook group is awesome

Every day, my phone and laptop are inundated with notifications from Facebook.  Before you think “Wow, he must be a really popular guy,” let me clarify.  I have the privilege of being one of the group administrators for the Facebook group, a gaggle of 4685 youth ministers and leaders (currently) from all over the world seeking advice, resources, and encouragement online.  For the past two years, I have seen countless reasons why…    read more 

Coke & Candles

October 16, 2015    
Frank Gil    

What you will need: 1. Two Coke Bottles 2. Two Candles 3. Two Lighters 4. A Table How To Play: Call two students up who really love coca cola. The objective of the game is to chug a coke as fast as you can. You can only drink you coke while your candle is lit. Your opponent can blow your candle out. If you candle is blown out you have to stop…    read more 

Shoot The Name

October 16, 2015    
Frank Gil    

What you will need: 1. Nerf Gun (we used this one) 2. Hula Hoop 3. Chairs for each person. How to play: You get everyone in a circle and have each person say their first name. You choose a person to be in the center ready to shoot someone with the nerf gun. The shooter can’t leave the center circle. The students seated in the circle have to quickly say someones name…    read more 

Whack ‘Em

October 7, 2015    
Ben Read    
games to play in small room with small group

This game is a classic youth ministry game. I think most people have probably played this one, but it’s also easy to forget about. Everyone sits in a circle except for one player, who has the sword of squish. To begin the game, the person in the middle points at one person of their choosing, who must say the name of the person in the middle and the name of someone else…    read more 

Monday Questions

September 28, 2015    
Ben Read    
youth pastor questions

Would love to hear the various thoughts on these questions: 1 | What’s one game you played when you were in Youth Group that would get you fired for playing today? 2 | How many lessons/messages are you in charge of every week? 3 | If you could give one thing to every youth pastor, what would it be? 4 | What is something from the Bible you have never taught on?…    read more 

Why we have fun in Youth Ministry

September 2, 2015    
Ben Read    

Last night, our Jr. High Ministry had one of the most fun events I have done in 10 years of ministry. We gave a talk at the end that wrapped up our last summer series and gave the gospel, but outside of those 20 minutes, it was just a time of fun. We had triple the attendance from the end of last year with 11 first-time guests, and I got to hear…    read more