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Youth Camp 2020


Included in the package is this year’s theme of trusting God.

We believe that the idea of trust is applicable in an evangelical way to students who do not know Jesus, and offers a great opportunity for discipleship for students who follow Jesus. Evening sessions highlight the topic of trust and the things that keep us from trusting God. Morning sessions take a more applicable approach to consistency and faithfulness, which gives students a great next step in trusting God. Additionally, morning devotionals prepare students to engage content that will be present in both the morning and evening sessions.

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Youth Camp 2020 Includes:

  • Youth Camp 2020 Title Graphics (PSD / JPG)
  • Youth Camp 2020 Message Slide (PSD / JPG)
  • Youth Camp 2020 Social Media Posts (PSD / JPG)
  • Four Night Session Sermon Builders
  • Four Day Session Sermon Builders
  • Four Student Morning Devotionals
  • Four “Hot Topic” Breakout Session Guides
  • Small Group Discussion Materials
  • Youth Camp 2020 Bumper Video (below)