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  • Over 121 products are featured in this bundle, including over 130 weeks of Sermon manuscripts.
  • The majority of design resources this year are editable in word or are ready to go as is.
  • Of the 14 calendars 11 can be edited in word
  • in other words, you don’t need photoshop to use this bundle!
  • FREE samples at the bottom of the page

save time & money on everything you need for a better year of youth ministry.

The 2018 End of year bundle is the biggest collection of Youth Ministry resources you can download ever released. It’s so big, we renamed it to the Ultimate Youth Ministry bundle because there is no better deal in youth ministry out there.

Imagine if I told you you could buy 4 years of curriculum right now for just $25 a year? When you grab the Ultimate Youth Ministry bundle, that’s essentially what you’re doing! We have so much sermon content, you’ll be covered for 4 years with what to teach on.

But we’re not just giving you a ton of resources to figure out, scroll down to the bottom and you can take a look at a 4 year scope and sequence for teaching, using only what is included in this bundle.

Thats not all! That’s only one category of whats included in this youth ministry download.


SERMON SERIES (39 Resources)

Who is Jesus? 9 Week Teaching Series: Equip your students with a deeper understanding of who Jesus is. $30 value

Hymns 5 Week Teaching Series AND Devotionals: Don’t let the great songs of our faith miss an entire generation and teach them the Biblical Truth of the lyrics in some of the most famous hymns. $30 value

The Unexplainable 3 Week Teaching Series: There are some things in Scripture that we just can’t explain, but let’s navigate these hard topics with our students. $15 value

Exodus Messages 10 Week Teaching Series: The Book of Exodus is an incredible story of Redemption and 10 weeks hardly does it justice. $30 value

Gospel Centered Worldview One-off Message: What is the lens in which you see the entire world? Let’s give our students gospel lenses. $3 value

Game Changer 4 Week Teaching Series: There are few things that are actual game changers in our life, but these four are exactly that for a Christian. $20 value

Theology and Other Big Words 7 Week Teaching Series: Theology can seem like a scary word, but going deep is critical in your teaching to students. $20 value

How to Study the Bible 2 Week Teaching Series: We tell our students to read their Bibles, but do they know how? $10 value

Awkward One-off Message: Things can get awkward in middle school and high school, let’s embrace it together. $3 value

Doer > Hearer One-off Message: James said it well, but we need to say it more to our students! $3 value

Don’t Waste Your Life One-off Message: No one wants to live a wasted life, but are you? $3 value

Identity in Christ One-off Message: This might be the single most important topic for youth/student ministries to cover it and it’s important you tackle the topic of identity frequently. $3 value

Get Off Your High Horse One-off Message: Humility is what Christ is the perfect example of. $3 value

Searching for Satisfaction One-off Message: Where you find satisfaction in your life is what your heart rests on. Teach your students to rest in Christ. $3 value

Members Only One-off Message: Does Christianity have to be exclusive? $3 value

Selfless Selfie One-off Message: Why in the world do we take so many selfies? Does it say something about us? $3 value

Backward Blessings: 8-week sermon series on the Beatitudes $20 value

You can’t talk about that: 5 major topics we don’t talk about enough. $20 value

Fixer Upper: 5-week study of Nehemiah $30 value

How to be incredible: 4 week series on developing an incredible trust in God $25 value

Cause & Effect: 4 weeks looking at What God has done and how it affects us $25 value

Fathoming Grace: 3 week series on Jonah $15 value

Vertical: 3-week series looking at the first 3 commandments $20 value

Next: 4 weeks of biblical examples of leadership $20 value

Who is God: Four weeks looking at how God reveals himself in Exodus. $20 value

Sacred: 3-week series on God’s plan for sex $15 value

Gone Fishing: 9-week sermon series on the life of Peter$20 value

Letters of John: 5-week series on the 3 letters of John and how we can live as the light. $20 value

Into the Wilderness: 3-week series about people who went into the wilderness and overcame. $20 value

Why I don’t go to church: 3-week series on bad reasons to not be involved $15 value

Why should I believe: 3-weeks looking at common questions of doubt $15 value

Believe: 6-week series from the book of John $20 value

Missing Pieces: 4-week series on identity $20 value

Restart: 4-week series on digging deeper in our walk with God  $20 value

Who do you say I am?: 4-weeks on titles given to God in the book of Mark. $20 value

Acts: 7-weeks of sermons on how God changes everything for us $25 value

Asking for a friend: 8-weeks tackling tough questions students have $40 value

Disciple: 4-weeks of sermons on what it means to be a disciple $20 value

Renovated in Jesus: A 4 week series through Colossians $20 value

GAMES (33 Resources)

Auto Complete: powerpoint game $5 value

Auto Complete 2: powerpoint game $5 value

Name this show: powerpoint game $5 value

Name this thingpowerpoint game $5 value

Name this thing vol. 2: powerpoint game $5 value

Pixelated powerpoint game $5 value

Pixelated video games powerpoint game $5 value

Pits of Missouri powerpoint game $5 value

Pits of Missouri around too powerpoint game $5 value

Top 10 powerpoint game $5 value

Reverse Charades valentines day powerpoint game $5 value

What the meme? Star Wars powerpoint game $5 value

Which is more? powerpoint game $5 value

Which is worse? powerpoint game $5 value

Ordinarily star wars powerpoint game $5 value

Ordinarily bible edition powerpoint game $5 value

Most likely to be a celebrity powerpoint game $5 value

Captain America or Ironman powerpoint game $5 value

Gandalf or Dumbledore powerpoint game $5 value

Who said it? Jurassic Edition powerpoint game $5 value

Who said it? Indiana Jones edition powerpoint game $5 value

Who said it? Star Wars powerpoint game $5 value

Who said it? Christmas powerpoint game $5 value

Original Squads 2.0 powerpoint game $5 value

Back Off powerpoint game $5 value

Back Off 2 powerpoint game $5 value

Meme Me powerpoint game $5 value

Meme Mme Halloween powerpoint game $5 value

Meme Me Thanksgiving powerpoint game $5 value

Welcome to the Ministry: This is the perfect game for you to welcome incoming students to your ministry. $5 value

Bob Ross Ultimate Game: The legend of Bob Ross is still alive, but how well do you know his life? $5 value

State of the Cheese: Do your students know what each state looks like? $5 value

10 Halloween Games: The best ten games for your next Halloween Party. $5 value


100 Social Graphics: Over 100 unique social media graphics, ready to go $50 value

Devotional Stories Vol. 1: Short devotional videos formatted for Instagram stories $20 value

Instagram Story GuideThorough guide with tips and ideas to use Instagram stories for spiritual growth  $20 value

Social Media ScheduleTrench tested weekly schedule for social media to increase reach and engagement  $10 value

2019 CALENDARS (14 Resources)


Spring 19 Bold CalendarSpring 2019 calendar, word doc and photoshop $10 value

Spring 19 Gradient Grid Calendar: Spring 2019 calendar, photoshop editable $10 value

Spring 19 Modern Blob Calendar: Spring 2019 calendar, photoshop editable $10 value

Spring 19 4 corners Calendar: Spring 2019 calendar, photoshop editable $10 value

Spring 19 Simple Calendar: Spring 2019 calendar, word doc and photoshop $10 value

Spring 19 Warped Calendar: Spring 2019 calendar, photoshop editable $10 value

Spring 19 Word CalendarSpring 2019 calendar, word doc and photoshop $10 value

Spring 19 Calendar (WORD/PSD): Fully customizable calendar in Word or Photoshop for Spring 2019. $10 value

Spring 19 Grid Calendar: Grid-based Spring Calendar design with event details. $10 value

Spring 19 List Calendar: List based Spring calendar covering ministry days. $10 value


Summer Calendar (WORD/PSD): Fully customizable calendar in Word or Photoshop for Summer 2019. $10 value

Summer 19 Grid Calendar: Grid-based Summer Calendar design with event details. $10 value

Summer 19 List Calendar: List based Summer calendar covering ministry days. $10 value


2019 12 Month Calendar(WORD): Fully customizable calendar in Word for 2019. $10 value

ADMIN TOOLS (15 Resources)

Student Leadership Lessons Pack: Proven leadership lessons to challenge your student leadership team. $15 value

Student Leadership Admin Pack: All the tools you need to start your very own student leadership team today! $10 value

Volunteer Job DescriptionsIncludes several volunteer job descriptions as well as a guide to help utilize in best ways. $20 value

New Semester Launch Plan: 8-week checklist plan for launching a new semester $10 value

Parent Chats: Several scripts for different calls to parents to partner with them $15 value

Parents EmailsGuide and ready to emails to partner with parents $20 value

Student Info Cards: New student information cards, ready to go and customizable $10 value

Student follow up cards12 unique postcards, ready to go and customizable, as well as a guide to use $20 value

Team BadgesMultiple lanyard badges for volunteers in your ministry $20 value

Upcoming Events Card: Editable postcard to send home with upcoming events. $15 value

Parent Conversations: These are helpful tools to help families through important conversations. $20 value

Guest Welcome Card (DOC): Customize this guest welcome card to get new students in your database. $5 value

Event Registration Card (DOC): Give your students some details and an easy way to signup for your next event. $5 value

Student Leadership Graphic Pack: Student Leadership logos, graphics, and t-shirt designs. $10 value

Summer Save the Date Postcard: Send out a ‘Save the Date’ postcard for upcoming events. $10 value

Photoshop Video Course: Includes 3 Photoshop Videos to learn how to edit our PSD files. $100 value

EVENTS (4 Resources)

Costume Party: A great outreach event with a full walkthrough on how to pull it off in your context. $5 value

Escape room| Jungle gamesComplete guide for setting up a legit escape room in your church. $30 value

Fortnite nerf event guideEvent guide for a nerf wars battle royale $10 value

Wedding Ceremony 101: An all-inclusive guide to your next wedding (includes a message, notes, faq, questions, and more) $20 value

T-Shirts (5 Resources)

5 Leader T-Shirt Design Bundle: 5 t-shirts ready to order for your leadership team. $25 value

5 Serve Team T-Shirt Design Bundle: 5 t-shirts ready to order for your serve team. $25 value

5 Winter Retreat T-Shirt Design Bundle: 5 t-shirts ready to order for your winter retreat. $25 value

5 Ski Retreat T-Shirt Design Bundle: 5 t-shirts ready to order for your next ski retreat. $25 value

10 Baptism T-Shirt Design Bundle: 10 t-shirts ready to order and hand out to everyone. $25 value


Sermon Plans

Check out these 4, 12 month plans for teaching with the included series in this bundle. Just click on the image to see a .pdf with that plan.

youth ministry sermon year plan 12 month character of God 12 months bible values teaching plan youth group preaching calendar


Free samples:

If you’ve never used a resource from YouthMin.org, you may want to see what they are like. Here’s a few free resources or sample pages to help you out!

Free Resource #1Social Media Sample pack (just click the link to download it)

Free Resource #2 – Last man standing: Jungle game (just click the link to download it)

Sermon sample from How to be incredible | click here to download

Lastly, we want you to be as confident as we are in this bundle. If you download it and aren’t satisfied that you got a killer deal,

we’ll give you your money back.


We stand behind the value and quality of the resources included in this bundle, and we know you’ll love it.

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