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2023 Fall Bundle

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Ready for the fall semester? From pumpkins to turkeys, we’ve got you covered. 🍂

The 2023 Fall Bundle is the Pumpkin Spice Latte of youth ministry — the only thing you really need and here for a limited time.

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• $49 for 49 hours
• $99 for 99 hours
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For the 2023 Fall Bundle, we brought together some of our hottest resources and massively discounted them! No matter how you are starting this school year, this bundle will equip you to go from the beginnings of fall straight into the holiday season with the right resources to reach students. It includes:

10 Fresh Games:

  1. Last Man Standing – Fall Edition
  2. Reverse Charades – Fall Edition
  3. Scattergram – Fall Edition
  4. Scavenger Hunt – Camera Roll Fall Edition
  5. Screaming Descriptions – Fall Edition
  6. Toothpick Artist – Pumpkin Carving Edition
  7. Trick or Treat
  8. The Emoji Game – Halloween Edition
  9. Sit Down! – Thanksgiving Edition
  10. Turkey Burst

4 Engaging Sermon Series:

  1. The Haunted Heart
  2. Fearless
  3. MOOD
  4. Friendsgiving

Each Sermon Series Includes:

✅ Sermon Graphics Bundle (JPG/PSD)
✅ Social Media Promo (JPG/PSD)
✅ Sermon Builder Curriculum (PDF)
✅ Small-Group Materials (PDF)
✅ Bumper Video (MP4)

2023 Fall Calendar Package:

  • Block Calendar
  • Grid Calendar (Landscape)
  • Grid Calendar (Portrait)
  • Line Calendar

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