2022 End of Year Bundle


Feel like you’re dragging your feet to the year-end finish line? We can help!

We’ve got the perfect resource you need to finish 2022 strong…not to mention set you up for 2023 💪

For the 2022 End of Year Bundle, we brought together some of our newest and hottest resources and massively discounted them! No matter how you’ve felt this fall, this bundle will equip you to go into the holiday season and start next year with the right resources to reach students in person or online.

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10 Fresh Games:

  1. Trivia – Chick-fil-A Edition
  2. Among Us – Christmas Edition
  3. Snowball Fight
  4. Shut Your Mouth – Candy Cane Edition
  5. Reverse Charades – Winter Activities
  6. Thesaurus Karaoke – Christmas Carol Edition
  7. Name that Cereal
  8. Where in the World – Disney Edition
  9. Sit Down!
  10. Scattergram Vol. 1

4 Engaging Sermon Series:

  1. Christmas Playlist
  2. In My Feelings
  3. The Grinch in Me
  4. Kingdom Logic

Each Sermon Series Includes:

Sermon Graphics Bundle (JPG/PSD)
Social Media Promo (JPG/PSD)
Sermon Builder Curriculum (PDF)
Small-Group Materials (PDF)
Bumper Video (MP4)

Spring 2023 Calendar Package:

  • Block Calendar
  • Grid Calendar (Landscape)
  • Grid Calendar (Portrait)
  • Line Calendar

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