Wrecked – 4 week Sermon Series

When I was in college, God used a series of events in a matter of weeks to bring me to the lowest point I had probably ever been in my life. Alone, scared, guilt ridden, stuck. Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw the Lifehouse skit video shared by someone, and it wrecked me.

In that moment, the plans I had laid out for myself and the plans God had for me crashed into one another, and the aftermath left me picking up the pieces and rebuilding a far great life than I could have ever imagined.

Life is full of these types of moments, where we are wrecked. Sometimes it’s in a way that humbles us, like my moment above. Other times, God leaves us in such Awe of Him, we leave the moment wrecked. This series spends 4 weeks looking at four different types of moments where God wrecks us, and how to deal with the aftermath. The end goal of each session is that we shouldn’t fear these moments, because they lead to greater growth, deeper walks, new purposes in our lives.

This download contains 4 weeks, each  with a full transcript (plus full outlines for 2 weeks) as well as 2 social images per week, and a sheet with discussion questions to hand out to small group leaders for after each message.

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