Which Emmet(t) Is It?

in on October 1, 2019
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In this game “Which Emmet(t) Is It?,” your students will guess between quotes from Emmett Brickowski in the LEGO movies and Doc Brown from Back to the Future movies. This will test the movie quote knowledge of your students in this screen game in PowerPoint or your favorite presentation software.

Includes in this game:
• PowerPoint [PPT]
• 10 Questions and Answers [JPG and PPT]
• 1 Tie Breaker Question and Answer [JPG and PPT]
• 1 Blank Slide, 1 Emmet Brickowski Answer, and 1 Doc Emmett Brown [JPG and PPT]
• Answer Sheet [Word & PDF]
• Emmet or Emmett Answer Card [Word & PDF]

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