What’s the Catchphrase?

in on March 11, 2019
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If your students are movie buffs, they are going to love this game. This, and it’s follow up YouTube Catchphrase, would be great to use on a night talking about words, because both editions illustrate how memorable our words can be, how powerful they can be.

In this edition, we show a scene from a popular movie, and the contestant has to tell us what catchphrase that movie is best known for. Maybe it’s ‘Show me the Money!’ from Jerry Macguire, or ‘May the force be with you’ from star wars, we tried to make it so the sayings were easy but not so much the scenes.

This download comes with 11 rounds, with a clue and answer slide for each round as individual images you can drop into your presentation software. It also comes pre-packaged as a powerpoint file, so you can download and play it right away!

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