What’s the Catchphrase? YouTube edition

in on March 11, 2019
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Just about every student in your group will love the bit of nostalgia that comes with this game looking at some of the most memorable Youtube videos. Every once in a while, a video comes about that instantly becomes pop culture, shirts are made,  celebrities born (for 15 minutes), autotunes come and memes are made.

That’s where this game comes in. We grabbed screenshots of 11 of the most quoted YouTube videos, videos with catchphrases we are all probably tired of, and contestants have to shout out the catchphrase made famous by the video.

This, and Whats the catchphrase – movies edition, would be great to use on a night talking about words, because both editions illustrate how memorable our words can be, how powerful they can be.

This download comes with 11 rounds, with a clue and answer slide for each round as individual images you can drop into your presentation software. It also comes pre-packaged as a powerpoint file, so you can download and play it right away!

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