Un-Dumb Yourself: 4 week sermon series

in on January 11, 2019
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Un-Dumb Yourself: 4 week series (based out of Proverbs)

I couldn’t count the number of dumb things I’ve down with both hands. We do dumb things. So
we begin to hear from people, “it’s ok if you make that mistake, as long as you learn from it.”
And over time somehow we’ve bought the lie that failure is the best way to learn. Our students
need to hear… “yes, learn from your mistakes. But it’s better to make wise choices.” And it all
starts with following Jesus.

Session One: Wise Decisions
Session Two: Be Teachable
Session Three: Discipline
Session Four: Stay Focused

This series includes:
– Title slide and a scripture slide
– Count down the days instagram pics (i.e. 3days until…) to build anticipation
– 3 instagram pics per session that is either a scripture or main idea from the previous session.
It helps the message to stick throughout the week.
– Some weeks include prop ideas and/or worship

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