Thesaurus Karaoke vol. 2

in on November 25, 2019
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Is Lil Nas x taking his stallion to the decrepit city boulevard?

Well, he could have, if he had used a thesaurus. We felt like there were a lot of songs that, though catchy, just lacked a certain amount of elegance when it came to the used vocabulary. So we took well known chunks of lyrics from popular songs that most middleschoolers through highschoolers would know, and we ran every word through a thesaurus to come up with far greater lyrics.

This game is an absolute blast and was hilarious watching the students get completely stumped, only to see how simple the song came out to be.

This download package contains 11 songs with both the lyrics slide and answer slide, plus a slide for how to play, and the best part is that it all comes preloaded in a powerpoint, so you can just plug and play the game today!

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