The Last Word

in on March 11, 2019
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Got any know it alls in your Youth Ministry? Students who always have the last word when asked trivia questions? Then your group will love this game! (They’ll more than likely love it even if you have no know it alls).

If you’ve played buzzwords in the past, then you’ll love this game that is very similar. Instead of getting into groups and making lists over the course of a minute, contestants from teams come up front to see who can have the last word. A category will come up on the screen, such as presidents, and students shout out an answer first. They then take turns, alternating, between giving an answer to that category, until one takes more than 4 seconds or says a wrong answer. (So student A – Clinton, student B – Lincoln, student A – Bush, etc. etc.).

This game comes with 11 categories, so you’re guaranteed a tie breaker for rounds. Plus, like all of our games, it comes loaded into a powerpoint so you can download it and play it in your Youth Ministry tonight!

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