the Face game

in on November 25, 2019

The face game is a hilarious game for groups of most any size. We have two players come on stage and stand back to back. A kind of face to make is put on the screen and on the game host’s count of 3, the players must turn around and make the face to their competitor. Whoever laughs first, loses.

This game has 11 rounds, so there’s always a tiebreaker, and can be used in a number of different formats for your group. You can play with one volunteer up front trying to get 8 out of 11 correct for a prize, you can have two teams face against each other, you can have a different player each round for a small prize, or you could have your whole crowd pair up and play the rounds, with winners finding new partners each round. Like all of our games, it comes with individual images for you to insert into your presentation software of choice, but it also comes as a preloaded powerpoint and keynote for you to plug and play quickly.

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