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in on January 11, 2019

We should do ministry with the expectation that we will have new students on a regular basis. To that end, we should be prepared for them when they come.

Our Level Up members have a course on developing an assimilation plan, a process in which we bring new students into our ministry from guests to regular attenders growing as disciples. One of the first steps to that process is getting information from your students.

We have other sets of cards for this that gather pieces over time as part of a strategy, but it’s also helpful to have a card that gets a lot of information at once. These cards are designed to do that, and have been effective in my own ministry for the last few years.

This download contains a one sided card in landscape layout, and a double sided portrait layout. Both of these designs come with fully editable photoshop files, but we also included multiple variations of each saved as unbranded .jpg’s, so you can easily throw them into Microsoft word, powerpoint, or even an app on your phone to add your groups logo and make them unique. All told, there are 16 unique files in this download for you to have a fully customized card for gathering students information.

+ two fully editable templates

+ multiple de-branded versions

+ gathers plenty of information from new students

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