Student Connection Cards

We’ve all been there, you have a new student visiting your ministry, and you’ve got to make the choice to carry on a conversation with them, or ask them to fill out an information card so you can connect with them outside of youth group. So often, we make our student info cards so full of questions, and then we hardly ever use all of the information.

This packet contains 5 cards, with multiple variations on a few, that streamline your connection process, lay out clear next steps, and help get the information you want in a much quicker process. Cards include Small Group sign up, signing up to serve, request to meet with a Pastor, if they made a commitment, and a basic info card.

These cards come in ready to go formats, so you can print them as-is using even microsoft word, as well as fully customizable photoshop versions, so you can make these unique to your ministry!

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