Stay Woke

in on January 11, 2019
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Stay Woke – If you frequent social media, you likely have come across posts that are tagged #staywoke. Woke is a slang term derived from the word “awake.” We use the word awake or awoke when we are talking about physical sleep. “I was sleeping, then I awoke.” Woke has a similar definition, but instead of talking about physical sleep the slang term is used for awareness on current events, social issues, and injustice. If you were to say to someone, “Stay woke!” often, you are telling them to stop dreaming or living in a fantasy and see the real world.

The series Stay Woke is intentionally playing off this slang term to encourage students to see how their Christian beliefs are in tension with what the surrounding culture is saying. Every week a topic is presented and we first will look at what our culture tells us and then what Scripture says. Utilizing the tension between our culture and Scripture, we conclude by telling our students to Stay Woke and recognize that Scripture and contemporary culture disagree on some major issues in our life.

INCLUDES: Word for word manuscripts, PPT files, slides for every week, and graphics.

3 word for word message transcripts with overview outlines (15 pages)
– WEEK 1 – There is only one Jesus and we know Him by His Word
– WEEK 2 – Your identity is found only in Christ
– WEEK 3 – God is at work in you and through you

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