Snap That – Fall Edition snapchat game

in on July 11, 2019
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The way students connect on social media is far different from how they connect in the physical world. Odds are, best friends may have completely different stories to view on snap chat based on who they follow and who they actually interact with. But most likely, our feeds still look very familiar. For whatever reason, you know that over time as you go on social media, you’re going to see someone posting about being at a sporting event you aren’t at, and you’ll see someone posting a picture of their perfectly framed devotional time in the morning, and someone is going to be posting a screenshot of a funny conversation they just had.

Snap that gets your students to race through their feeds to find some of these stereotypical things, and a few not so easy to find ones, in teams to win. It’s a super simple game to play and has been a HUGE hit with our groups, because of how simple it is ‘Find this in someones story, and show it to a leader.’

This brand new game contains 11 game slides in .png format so you can insert it in your presentation software easily. It also comes with a pre-made powerpoint presentation that is ready to go, so you can download this game and play it instantly. Grab this game today and play it tonight!

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