Small Group Starter Kit

in on January 11, 2019

Are you looking to launch your small groups in the fall or the spring? This is a great resource that provides everything you need for a successful launch. All documents are editable in Word and all design files are editble in Photoshop. All fonts and graphics are included!

What’s in the bundle?

  • Parent Letter- Invite parents to meet your leaders (Word Document)
  • ‘Meet the Leaders’ 11×17 Flyer (Photoshop)
  • Small Group leader profile cards (can be printed 4-up, Photoshop)
  • 20 Question to ask if you end early (Word Document)
  • 5 Games to play with your group (Word Document)
  • Small Group Leader Check-list (Help leaders build community, Word Document)
  • Letterhead Design (Photoshop)
  • Fonts


Parent Letter                                    Meet the Leaders Flyer


Small Group Leader Profile Cards (4-Up)


20 Questions                                       Small Group Leader Checklist


5 games to play with your group       Letterhead

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