Sit Down If… Spring Break Edition

in on March 17, 2019
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Sit Down If… Spring Break Edition is a great game of eliminating participants through15 different scenarios which including a tie breaker. Scenarios would include: Sit Down If…  you left the state during Spring Break! There’s also a blank slide for you to create your own additional Sit Down If scenarios!  



Sit Down If is a screen-based game of elimination based on Spring Break related scenarios. In this version you will get 15 different scenarios to make your students sit down. You can use this with the PowerPoint file or by uses the 1920×1080 jpg images and import them into any other software you use for presenting. This version would best be played after Spring Break is over, but can be played at other times too!


Game play:

Ask the entire group to stand up. Tell them to only sit down when the statement characterizes them. Once seated, they must remain seated. The last one standing is the winner! Encourage them to be honest.


You will give statements like: “Sit Down If…  you left the state during Spring Break, played more than 2 hours of video games, did homework or studied for school,” etc.


This Resource Contains:

– 15 ready-made slides – PowerPoint

– 15 ready-made slides – JPG

– Blank slide – PowerPoint & JPG

– Person on chair Logo – JPG/PSD

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