Rethinking Discipleship

in , , on July 22, 2019
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If you are looking to re-evaluate how you do discipleship in your ministry, then this is the perfect resource for you! Even if you are already actively engaging in discipleship, but need to recast the vision to your leaders, parents, and students then check this download out!

Leader Training
These resources are intended to be used to train your leaders in the vision of discipleship. You can use them to speak to parents, volunteers, or even your staff.

1. Discipleship Leader Training (volunteer leader training)
2. Discipleship Framework Training (volunteer leader training)
3. Helping Students in Crisis (volunteer leader training)

These two messages could be delivered to students or adults to cast the vision of what discipleship looks like in the local church.

1. The Priority of Discipleship (word-for-word manuscript)
2. The Process of Discipleship (word-for-word manuscript)

Discipleship Tools
These are tools that you can provide for your leaders to either help in their volunteering or to setup discipleship relationships.

1. How to Counsel a Student Visualization (leader handout)
2. Counseling a Student (leader handout or lesson)
3. Fast Tips on Discipleship (leader handout or lesson)

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