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in on January 11, 2019
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Ruth: Providential Redemption is a five week sermon series that immerses students into the incredible story of Ruth. The Book of Ruth shows how God shows His sovereign provision and lovingkindness protection for His people. This love often comes during incredibly hard times and is expressed through the community of believers around us. It is in this providence that we experience redemption; providential redemption. In this purchase, you will receive:

5 word for word message transcripts with overview outlines (16 pages)
– WEEK 1 – God Cares for Those Who Suffer (1:1-5)
– WEEK 2 – Don’t Let Your Circumstances Blind You from God’s Faithfulness (1:5-18)
– WEEK 3 – Love is Revealed by Words and Kindness (actions) (Chapter 2)
– WEEK 4 – The PLAN – PLEA – VOW of Redemption (Chapter 3)
– WEEK 5 – Redemption’s Rewards Received (Chapter 4)

5 Small Group Discussion Guides (15 pages)
Five weeks of leader guides that equip small group leaders to lead a discussion on the coinciding passage of the weekly message.
The Ruth Leader Guide is just that, a guide. Do not use this as a lesson plan, discussion formula, or a limiter for your group. This is intended to guide your preparation and discussion, but nothing more. As a small group leader, we want the students to her from your leadership, your experience, and your passion. Essentially we want them to learn from YOU. However, we will never hang you out to dry, so here is a short guide to prep and organize your discussion.

25 Student Devotionals (28 pages)
5 devotionals each week (skipping Sunday and Wednesday)
The next five weeks of devotionals will hopefully give you a place to read, process, and journal through the Book of Ruth. We want to emphasize the quality of your reading of the Bible and not the quantity. The Ruth Bible Devotional has very limited original content, instead we are intending you to use the Bible Devotional as a guide for you to work through as you read Scripture. The content will all be questions that help you discover the meaning of each verse of the Book of Ruth. We hope that you write down your answers and reflections in a journal or print these pages out and write beside each question.

Series Graphics for ProPresenter or PPT
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