Pixelated Sports

in on May 10, 2020
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Pixelated, or as my students call it ‘Enhance-Enhance-Enhance,’ Is a screen game for youth ministries to play during youth group. In this version of the game, we took 11 famous sports teams and ran them through a series of pixelations. Each round starts with a heavily pixelated image, moves to a moderately pixelated image, and ends with the clear, fully enhanced image. Students, either as up front volunteers competing, or as teams, must correctly identify the image, and get a point for each stage before fully enhanced they can identify it in.

This edition of pixelated focuses on sports teams, from college, to hockey, baseball, football, and basketball. We even through in a soccer team to see who’s paying attention.

This download comes with 11 rounds of images, each with 5 iterations of the image, all as individual slides for easy upload to pro presenter or similar software. It also comes preloaded and ready to go in a powerpoint presentation, so you can download and play at youth group the same day!

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