Ordinarily Star Wars Edition

in on January 24, 2019
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Ordinarily is a game that basically gets the order right!

This is a screen game, that is half trivia and half common sense. On each slide, four lists will be shown of the same items, just in different orders. Players must determine which list is sequenced correctly based on the criteria given on the slide. Players cast their vote based on the color under the correct list. Included in this game are 10 questions and answers, plus a sample question and answer, and a title slide.

There are several ways to play this. You can call up a handful of players to participate, and on each question, only those who get the correct answer can stay for the next question and those who got it wrong get replaced with new players. You can have players give their answer by saying the color, showing the color from a set of papers you hand them, running to someplace in the room that has that color and pointing to it or moving to a designated spot in the room for each color. You can even have savage eliminations by letting only the first person to reach the correct spot in the room stay in for the next round. Give a prize to the people with the most right answers, or to the people who lasted the longest without getting eliminated!

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