Meme Me

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Meme Me is a Think Fast and Funny Frenzy Game designed to keep your youth group cracking up. Meme Me is a write-your-own meme game that will allow your students to use their creativity. Gameplay looks like this: Bring a few students on stage and give them each a small whiteboard and marker (or paper and marker if need be). Each round, players will be shown a picture and challenged to write their own meme or caption. They will have 30 seconds to think up and write their meme. After the time is up, have the players read their meme to the crowd, and then vote using the applause of the audience. First player to 3 wins!

You could also play with groups coming up with their best meme and presenting their best answer and having an impartial judge choose the winner.

The Meme Me package includes 11 slides with hilarious pictures for your students to caption. Each slide is a PNG built at 720p.

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