Marvel Or Meh!

in on September 27, 2019
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In this screen game, your students will have the opportunity to guess if the quote is a Marvel Cinematic Universe movies quote or that the quote belongs to that “other” comic book company (DC). This game can work with selected contestants or the entire group.

Pro-Tip: use the included printable cards with the Marvel logo and Meh for DC on for students to hold up the correct answer. This helps reduce the amount of cheating that can occur. Or they students can hold up an “M” like in signing the YMCA for Marvel or shrug their shoulders for Meh. Another option would be to use the provided answer sheets for the entire group to use at once (Note: you’ll need to rearrange the slides to make this happen – all questions and then the answers).

Includes in this game:
• PowerPoint [PPT]
• 10 Questions and Answers [JPG and PPT]
• 1 Tie Breaker Question and Answer [JPG and PPT]
• 1 Blank Slide, 1 Emmet Brickowski Answer, and 1 Doc Emmett Brown [JPG and PPT]
• Answer Sheet [Word & PDF]
• Marvel or Meh Answer Card [Word & PDF]

How to use this product:
Play this game in PowerPoint or other software using the JPG images. There is an answer sheet or cards for your usage. These can be used in various ways including:

Head to Head: This game can be played head to head where two students go against one another until one wins the game.
Individual: It can also be played with an individual score sheet by writing down their answers and then switching the answer sheets with another to mark which ones are right and which one are wrong. Answer Sheet word document is included. You can also play with cards included and have them raise the correct answer with the photo of the Emmet or Emmett of their choice.

Graphic Logo Information:
Presentation size: 16×9 at 1920×1080. Font: Bebas & Guthen Bloots

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