Instadevos: One Week of Digital Devotions!

in on March 19, 2019
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The world is rapidly evolving and we as the Church have to evolve with it if we are ever to

continue to see the Gospel change lives We live in a time where church attendance is not what

it used to be but connecting with people is easier than ever. We no longer have to even be in

the same building and can communicate with hundreds of people a day half a world away. These

devotions were designed to help you reach those people on the go and help you leverage this

gigantic thing we call the internet to help you connect, share, and disciple people on the

platforms they use the most. You are truly free to use these devotions however you like or in

whatever way suits your context best. There is a devotion for every day of the week that you

can post, you can change up the order, maybe you only want to post 5-6 every week? These

devotions exist to help you engage your community with the gospel on the digital spaces they

are already using frequently! So use these devotions however you like or in whatever way that

will benefit and serve your community the most.

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