Hmm and Hmm movie themes

in on November 25, 2019
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How well can your students recognize the songs that shape the movies we watch?

Think of it as the musical version of Reverse Charades, with a student standing with their back to the screen, which pops up a new song title leading to a chorus of humming as the crowd attempts to get the contestant to guess what song they are all humming.

What makes this game even more difficult is that you’re students won’t be humming the same thing, whether they start on different tones or at different points of the song, leading to a hilariously bad sound cascading toward the contestant.

In this round, we went with popular movie themes, ranging from Moana to Jaws, but some of the most iconic songs of our lifetimes. This download includes 11 game slides, a title slide, and an instruction slide in .png format for you to insert into pro-presenter or whatever presentation software you use, as well as a ready to go powerpoint, so you can download this game and play it today!

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