Halloween Pollsters

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The greatest polling game that has ever been created just got edited for the Halloween season. This game is really fun for groups of 5 all the way to 1,000. One person from the group has to guess what percentage of people fit into the question on the screen. The audience then responds by either sitting (lower than the number given) or standing (higher than the number given). Check out what a typical game of Pollsters looks like:

  • Have a volunteer come up from the crowd.
  • You can’t look up the answer on your phone.
  • The student on the stage will guess the answer (1-100%).
  • The crowd responds based on what they think the answer is:
    1. Sit on the ground if you think the answer is LOWER than the answer given.
    2. Stand on the ground if you think the answer is HIGHER than the answer given.

    The download includes 20 videos for the animated questions and animated answers (check out the pics above for an example), PowerPoint file with video/slides embedded, questions sheet, game guide for the leader, and Pollsters logo slide.

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