Grinched Christmas Series/Event

in on November 28, 2019
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GRINCHED: 3 Week Christmas Series

Who loves Christmas? Not a grinch! Have you ever noticed that we all have potential to be a grinch. Through this series you’ll help students wrestle down what could be at the root of their grinchiness and help them lose that grinch stench by taking some God honoring next steps. I wonder who will end up on your students “give” list this year? This was a student favorite series for us.

Week 1: The Heart
Week 2: Greed
Week 3: Kindness

This series includes:
– Title & empty graphic slides
– Jpegs of pre-made talk slides if you don’t want to change anything at all in the talk. You can just throw them into your presenter software and be done.
– Talk-notes with graphics and fill-ins are in pdf or pages format only. Many of our students/parents have come to really appreciate these. I print them double sided, on cardstock, and use a corner rounder to round all 4 corners. It turns out looking pretty nice 😉
– Twitter/Facebook Banner
– Instagram Countdown Posts (i.e. 3days until…) to build anticipation
– Instagram re-cap posts: either a scripture or main idea from the previous week. It helps the message to stick throughout the week.
– Some weeks include videos/prop ideas and/or response moments
– Small group discussion questions or more cards really. We’ve found it helpful to put each question on a card #1-#8. Print them out. And pass them around the group. The cards more lead the discussion than the small group leader which we’ve found to be extremely helpful in building true discussion.
– BONUS Flapjacks & Flannels Event: graphics & game ideas that could be used any of the weeks to enhance the fun level of the series.

PS. I’m not an English teacher. If you’re looking for grammatical or spelling errors, you’ll find them occasionally.

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