From Here to There Sermon Series with Small Group guide

in on January 11, 2019
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The Woman at the well.

Matthew at his tax collector booth.

The disciples on the road to Emmaus.

Peter on his Fishing boat after the crucifixion.

Jesus encountered these, and many more, in moments of complete desperation, at their lowest, while lost. Yet in each of these stories, He redeems them, and sends them to greater things. When we read these four stories, we see them where Jesus finds them, and read about where he sends them.

But how do we get from point A, to point B. How do we get from lost to found?

Week 1 looks at where God finds us, and the importance of every one of our stories.

Week 2 looks at the decisions we make, are they taking us to where we actually want to be, or further away from where we hope to go.

Week 3 looks at the importance of community, of not walking from Here to There alone.

This download also contains a 21 day bible reading plan to coincide with the sermon’s that you can print as is, or customize for your group. It also includes a blank instagram template with the series artwork for posting the daily scripture or sermon quotes as you go.

We’ve also included discussion questions to go along with the sermons, that are great for Small Groups.

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