The Story of Moses Small Group Curriculum

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REDEMPTION – Exodus begins by reminding us of Jacob and his family settling in the land of the Pharaohs. We pick up the narrative as it begins showing God fulfilling his promise to Abram in Genesis 12 which promises to make him a great nation. The trouble is that this great nation is in a foreign land under a harsh tyrant. God remembers his promise, hears the cry of His people and miraculously redeems them our of slavery in Egypt. After calling them out of the bondage of slavery, God gives them direction on how to live covenantally with Him. The last section of Exodus is God’s instructions for the Tabernacle. Essentially, God gives them guidance on how to live and respond in worship in the presence of the One who has redeemed them.

Each week is focused on having the gospel at the center of your group’s conversations. This small group curriculum with give your leaders everything they need to walk through chapters 1-22 in the Book of Exodus. Share the story of the Israelites in captivity, their nervous leader Moses, and God’s Law from Mount Sinai!


This download includes a full leader guide of 8 weeks in the Book of Exodus and graphics for slides!


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