Escape Room Guide – Jungle Games

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One of our favorite events with our youth ministry right now is escape the rooms. We did this recently as part of our fall launch and it was a huge hit!

PREMISE You and your group of friends were helping out an elderly neighbor clean out her basement when you came across an extremely old, but curiously looking board game. You decided to take a break and play, only to discover this board game affects real life! You’ve been sucked into the game and find yourselves trapped in what appears to be a hut in the middle of a jungle in the middle of nowhere. The first thing you spotted was a handwritten note from Dr. Smolder that simply said “It’s your turn to roll the dice! We’ve been captured by locals, but I hid the dice for safe keeping. They will be back in 60 minutes to clear this space. If you can’t take your turn and advance the game before then, we’ll all be trapped here!”Find the dice and roll before time is out!

This pack contains

  • graphics to promote the event
  • a complete guide/walk through for one escape room
  • 8 separate puzzles to work through to complete the challenge
  • 17 resources to print as clues and props
  • a supply list with links to locks and props we purchased for this room
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  • Carol
    October 23, 2018

    Our youth group did this escape room for our fall kickoff. It was extremely authentic, by far bit your ‘average youth group escape room’. Our teens and team loved it. It’s also well put together and gives all you need to do and links to anything you need to purchase to make this an easier task for a youth minister or youth pastor.

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