End of Year MegaBundle

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For the last 3 years, we’ve run a special on our resources for Black Friday that extends through December. This year, we truly have the best deal we’ve ever done. Over $500 worth of top notch, trench tested resources for just $95.

Where does that valuation come from? We have a simple pricing model. You can find other youth ministry resource websites that charge up to $25 A WEEK for their resources, why would you waste your money on that?!? We offer the same amount of material and content for just $3.Every week of content, be it small group or Sermon, is $3, so a four week series will go for $12. We often times include the small group material to go with it for nothing, but if it’s extremely extensive lesson plans, we might charge an extra dollar a week. We’ll also add on a bit for the graphics, if we feel what is included warrants it, bringing it up to about $15. No matter what is in it, we rarely go over $15 in an effort to keep all our resources affordable.

We were one of the first, and are still one of the only, websites to produce graphics exclusively for youth ministry. Everything we make is something we use in our ministries, and we wouldn’t make something if it wasn’t great looking, useful for ministry, and beneficial for our students, leaders, and/or parents. We typically stay at $5 for most graphics, anywhere from $8-$10 for calendars and resumes that are a bit ‘heavier,’ and though all of our designs are editable in photoshop, many can now be edited with microsoft word, as well. Check the item descriptions for more info.

Lastly, games, which we all love, will never be anything but $3. They are always made to include the powerpoint ready to go, and these, again, are games we test with our own students before sharing with you.

So save a ton of time and money with the end of year bundle. Take a look at all that is included:

Get over 60 Weeks of Sermons & Small Groups

James Reflecting ChristJames: Reflecting Christ Teaching Series  (normally $15)
Series includes:
-8 complete sermon manuscripts (editable / Microsoft Word)
-Sermon graphics including the following:
-6×4ft and Banner Design   (JPEG ONLY)
-33x80in Banner Stand Design (PSD and JPEG)
-Projection Image (HD) – 1920×1080 (PSD and JPEG)
-Instagram image (square, ready to post) – (PSD and JPEG)
-Projection image to put your sermon text / PPT on (1024×768)  (PSD and JPEG)
-Bulletin cover design (vertical orientation) (PSD and JPEG)

youth ministry sermon calling of GodWrecked – When God’s plans crash into ours (normally $15)


Life is full of these types of moments, where we are wrecked. Sometimes it’s in a way that humbles us, like my moment above. Other times, God leaves us in such Awe of Him, we leave the moment wrecked. This series spends 4 weeks looking at four different types of moments where God wrecks us, and how to deal with the aftermath.

This download contains 4 weeks, each  with a full transcript  as well as 2 social images per week, and a sheet with discussion questions to hand out to small group leaders for after each message.

PSALM23STOREPsalm 23 – One-Off Message (normally  $3)

Great one-off for a special event like a lock in or back to school/end of the school year event. Break down Psalm 23 and discover the Shepherd/Sheep Relationships and challenge your students to make Jesus the Lord of their entire life! Includes: Message, Title Slide, & Background Graphics.



Blank Space Sermon SeriesBlank Space Sermon Series (normally $15)

Love is _________.

How you fill in that space tells a lot about a person. Who you listen to says a lot about how you’ll fill it in. The students in our Youth Ministries get a lot of messages on what love is from the world around them, what are they getting from the church?

This 5 week (easily 6 week) series takes a look at 5 statements with blank spaces that students must decide between how the world fills them in, or how God fills them in. These statements cover issues like the above, what is Love, as well as taking a look at God’s view of dating, God’s idea for sex, and what we should look for in who we date/marry if we wish to Honor God. We did extensive Biblical Research to prepare these messages, we hit tough topics and difficult conversations head on, and we draw some clear lines between what the world offers and what God’s word says.

no-apologiesNo Apologies (normally $12)

This is a four-week series comparing and contrasting other beliefs to Christianity. In this series we discuss Atheism & Agnosticism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, & Islam. The thrust of this message is not to blow our students heads up but to promote loving others and teaching our students that the Gospel transforms people, not our knowledge of other people’s faith. Also included are JPGs & PSDs of the graphics as well as all the sermon notes plus resources for further study and to help you contextualize your message better.

youth ministry tough topics seriesWhat does the Bible say? (normally $10)

Do you need a complete package to answer students questions about Homosexuality, Smoking Weed, and Drinking? Download this three week teaching series complete with manuscripts and graphics.

Package Includes:

Sermon Manuscripts, .PSD files for each week (Main Slide, Teaching Slide, Facebook Graphic), .jpg versions of each graphic.


All of Me Teaching Series youth ministryAll of Me Teaching Series (normally $15)
Series includes:

-6 Word documents / lesson outlines
-Editable PSD files for banners, posters, and projection
-6 Weeks of discussion questions for your small group leaders
-Facebook InfoGraphics for social media lesson
-Editable PowerPoint presentation “Living Biblically Online.”


youth group sermon Prodigal Son Message (normally $3)

This message was designed to show students the amazing grace and mercy of their father in heaven. I believe the father is the main character of the prodigal son story and it is demonstrated in the way he approaches both of his sons with grace and mercy right where they are. Students see that they have been shown grace and mercy right where we are and the Father approaches us with grace and love. Included are my sermon notes, a title slide, and a background slide.

Youth Group Sermon Series social mediaDisconnect Sermon Series (normally $10)

When Youth Pastors talk about Social Media, we are talking about something we use. But for teens, it’s almost something they live. Most of the students we minister to don’t know a world in which they aren’t connected to at least one social media network (though they probably don’t understand that term).

But there are real dangers in Social Media. Students should absolutely have boundaries, sometimes for specific apps.

In this 3 week Sermon Series for Youth Groups, you’ll discuss 3 of the most popular social networks that teens use, Instagram, SnapChat, and Youtube, and take a look at some of the dangers these apps pose. But more importantly, you’ll look at what these apps portray about walking with and living for God.

youth ministry envy teensEnvy one off message and small group (normally $3)

We live in a culture of envy. It is all around us, so how do we deal with it and how can we see the gospel truth through it?

Envy is a single message and small group lesson with this as its’ goal: that every student leaves understanding what envy does, examples of envy, and how to kill envy in our lives.


youth group summer camp retreat themeKing of Kings Retreat Sermons (normally $12)

King of Kings compares attributes of God to things the world offers to show that only God is worthy of sitting on the throne of our hearts and minds, to rule as the King above all kings in our life. Each message relies heavily upon biblical truths to show how God alone is worthy of Honor, how God alone is truly Constant, how God alone is Eternal, and how God alone is truly vital to life.1

This download contains 4 message transcripts in Word format, and 4 sessions of Small Group conversation guides in word format, as well as Series Slide in both photoshop and .png form, as well as 3 options for talk slides in .png form to match the theme.

youth pastor sermon graduation

Three Things You Wont Hear At Graduation (normally $9)

This series was the final series of the school year. All three messages help point the students to a sober reality of what the next several years have for them while maintaining that Jesus must be their focus. Included are three manuscript/outlined messages, background and title graphics, and a suggestion for a bumper video.



youth ministry series Jesus isJesus is Sermon Series (normally $15)

Four-Week Series on four different characteristics of who Jesus is. (Friend, Baptizer, Lord, Sufferer) This series is designed to challenge non-christian students to make a first time decision to follow Jesus and challenges Christian students to follow Jesus more fully and introduce him to others.

Includes: 4 word-for-word message transcripts, PSD and JPG series graphics, Instagram graphics, Bumper Videos, Instagram Videos, Background Motion Loop, Blank sermon slides

Youth Ministry Moses Exodus studyGods + Kings Sermon Series (normally $15)

Walk with your students through the first 14 chapters of Exodus with this 5 week series on the early life of Moses. We wrote this series for our Student Ministry to coincide with the release of the movie with the same title, and our intent was to give students enough of an overview of the Biblical story to know what would be accurate in the film. On top of that, we believe these 5 lessons are just great messages that help reveal more of who God is in clear ways for your students to understand.

Included in this download are 5 messages in transcript form covering the following weeks, as well as leader guides for break out groups to discuss the sermon topics, and a collection of different series designs and talk slides, including remade powerpoint slides for a few of the messages.

misfit-SS Misfit – Three Week Sermon Series (normally $9)

I made this series for our winter retreat but you can use this as a three week series to maybe kick off a new semester, talk about how Christians are called to be different, or even as a part of your winter retreat series (there is a separate item in the store that includes the message series plus more for a whole retreat).

Included in this series is:

  • Three messages typed out in a outline/word-for-word hybrid format
  • A title slide
  • A small version of the logo

youth ministry small group study doubtsDoubt Small Group Study (normally $9)

Students need space to have doubts, and this series helps facilitate that. So often, teenagers can feel like they need to keep their questions about God to themselves, or that any sort of doubt will be perceived as a sign of weak faith. But throughout the Bible, there are so many times when people in communication with God doubt him, and what we find is that through it, they grow their faith in amazing ways.

This 3 week small group curriculum will have your students and leaders take a look at 3 people in the Bible who doubted God, and help your students know that it’s ok to have doubts, but it’s not healthy to never wrestle with them. Your groups will be studying about doubting Thomas, and how Jesus responds to him, as well as Gideon doubting God’s plans for his life and Sarah doubting God’s ability to do what he says he will do.

thankfulnesslessonThankfulness Small Group guide (normally $3)

One of the most powerful things that you, as the youth pastor, can do is to engage what is currently happening in the student’s world and connect it with the gospel. This lesson attempts to bridge the season of Thanksgiving to the gospel.




Radical Jesus Teaching The Radical Jesus Teaching Guides – 9 Weeks by Keith Parker (normally $15)
Jesus made some powerful and sometimes confusing statements in His ministry. “Eat my flesh and drink my blood. Hate your family. Take up your cross. You can’t love God and money.” These teaching guides / handouts are designed to lead you and your students in great discussion about what Jesus meant by some of these strong statements. Use them for your Sunday School, large group preparation, or a small group discussion.

The package includes:
-9 Teaching Guides on “The Radical Jesus.”
-All 9 weeks include a Pages file and a PDF, ready to print.

youth ministry small groupNo Regrets one off message and small group (normally $3)

Every student has something they regret. Regret is something each of us personally connect with and few of us know how to deal with the reality of our regrets.

No Regrets is a single message and small group lesson with this as its’ goal: that every student leaves understanding what regret is, how it affects our lives, and how to respond to it.


Get 39 Designs


student ministry brochure Polygon Brochure (normally $10)

We made this great looking brochure to help advertise our student ministry on Sunday Mornings, both to visitors and those already connected. It’s a great tool for Parents as well, since it helps bring them into the fold of what we are teaching on at any given point this Fall Semester.

This download contains the photoshop files for the inside and outside of this brochure, which uses only free fonts! It’s also editable in Microsoft Word!

Brochure Calendar Ministry Brochure / Calendar Design  (normally $7)
Last year, I was looking for a more simplistic way to present our ministry and upcoming events together.  I wanted something sharp-looking, easy to hand out, and something that would communicate the vision and scope of our ministry while also giving a quick glimpse at our events.  This is what we came up with, and parents loved them.

This package includes editable files (Adobe Indesign and Photoshop) for your next Ministry Brochure and Calendar of Events. This is a unique design in that it serves as a ministry overview as well as a brief description of your upcoming events. I utilized this design for our 2015 Fall Ministry info. The design features a 17×5.5 layout that folds into a small square about the size of a CD cover. You can print 2 of these on 11×17 paper, saving money and making for an easy, slick-looking brochure to hand parents, students, and visitors. Fonts used in these Photoshop documents are Helvetica Neue and Santa Elia.

youth group calendar editable downloadVertical Spring 2016 Calendar Poster (normally $10)

This is an absolutely gorgeous Calendar that is extremely easy to edit and customize for your own ministry. All elements are clearly labeled and laid out in a simple way to help you edit this template in just a short amount of time.

This download does not contain the font used, though they can be found at their source site for free download. This download contains photoshop files. You will need photoshop, or similar editing software, and some basic knowledge of the program to customize this download.

youth ministry resume designModern Resume template (normally $8)

Searching for a new ministry? Let this Youth Pastor Resume template help make you look good!

This download contains a fully editable .psd file, you can change the fonts, change the colors, and make it unique to you using this as a great building block, or you can just simply insert your information in the spaces provided and send it away!

The template file is highly organized and easy to understand. It comes with  Front/Back page designs. All original fonts are included.

youth group rack cardStudent Ministry Rack card (normally $5)

Editable PSD file to use as a rack card with all the info for your student ministry. This Rack Card works great to have hanging in your Youth Room to hand new students, or in your church’s visitor center for Families checking out your church to know all about your ministry to students.



Overwhelm Theme Overwhelm Design Package (normally $5)
This design package includes:

  • 11×17 PSD Poster Design
  • 1920×1080 HD PSD file for projection
  • Square Instagram-ready PSD for social media
  • FB Cover PSD for your event’s FB page
  • Tshirt design AI and PSD files of the “Overwhelm” title (print ready)


youth group theme night Theme Night Poster (normally $5)

Great poster to promote theme nights. We are using it in April and calling it April Apparel but you can edit it the main title to do whatever you want. Change up the themes and change the photos. All the links for the fonts are included. This will be a great way to promote your theme nights! This poster was made in Photoshop. You will need Photoshop or something that is able to open PSDs to edit this. This has also been formatted for Elements.


baptismthumbnailBaptism Guide (normally $10)

Every student has concerns and questions about what baptism is, why they should do it, and how to even begin. Your answer should have a clear process for students follow faithfully in baptism.

The Baptism Bundle has everything you need to overhaul your process of baptism: A Baptism message with small groups and graphics, a personal baptism walkthrough for students, and a handout for students to work through before getting baptized.

youth group summer water balloon eventWater Wars Event graphics (normally $3)

Need a quick Water Wars graphic for your summer event? Download this advertisement & 8.5 x 11 flyer template today! “Water Wars” title is not editable. Background color and flyer are editable.




Download Youth Ministry mission trip planning tools Mission Trip / Retreat Bundle (normally $15)
At a glance, this bundle includes:

  • Detailed Info Sheet for advertising (Pages and PDF)
  • Parent Letter – Details for Trip (Indesign)
  • Trip Booklet – “Deeper Waters” Design




Youth Group ChristmasChristmas Party Poster (normally $5)

Modern graphics package for your youth ministry Christmas party. Included are:
-Flyer graphic (4.25×5.5 and fully editable)
-Instagram Graphic (fully editable)

All fonts can be found for free online.



youth ministry logo designLogo Badge & Brochure (normally $12)

Are you looking for a fresh new logo for your ministry? Download this circle themed Youth Group logo. We’ve also included a simple brochure that you can use to help your rebranding.

Brochure is only editable in Adobe Photoshop or other compatible programs.

Logo is only editable in Adobe Illustrator.

Package Includes:
Brochure (Front/Back, designed for 8 1/2 x 11 paper)

youth ministry lock in helpLock-In Package (normally $10)

Package includes

  • Worship Set List
  • Message Outline
  • A list of game ideas plus two games from the YouthMin.org store
  • Logo PSD
  • Administrative tips
  • Helpful links and more


fuel_thumbFuel Ministry Branding Package (normally $15)

Need a new logo for your ministry? Sick of the same type of FUEL logo concepts of a gas take or 1950’s pump. Try this FUEL logo reimagined for today’s generation. Students will recognize the new battery symbol and what it means. Designed after a cell phone battery icon, this logo is sure to be relevant in your ministry.



youth group visitor retentionVisitor Follow Up Cards (normally $5)

Various “Thank You” card graphics to be used to send to students or volunteers. Great way to show appreciation to those in your ministry. Come fully editable.




youth group outreach eventBlock Party Flyer (normally $5)

Download this fantastic 8.5 x 11 template flyer for your next Block Party. The template comes with the graphics & fonts used.





FallEventAdvertising-Thumb2Fall Event Advertising Package (normally $5)
The package includes:

  • 11×17 poster PSD for easy editing
  • 1280×720 HD PSD file for projection and the web
  • JPEGS of the “final product” for reference and inspiration.
  • Square PSDs for Instagram
  • Canter Bold and Canter Strips fonts


Small group leader cardsSmall Group Leader info cards (normally $5)

Need a great way to promote the volunteers in your youth ministry and help them connect with parents? Use these volunteer profile cards to do so. This package comes with profile cards you can hang on your wall as well as business cards that volunteers and small group leaders can give to parents and students. Profile cards and business cards are fully editable and come as a PSD file.



church cafe price menuCafe Menu (normally $8)

Does your ministry have a cafe that could use an awesome looking menu to help promote the sale of your stuff? This is an awesome, graphically engaging and fun poster sized file that can be customized to fit any need or want!




youth ministry semester launchFall Launch graphics (normally $7)

We can’t plan a fall launch event for you (though you might get some great tips in the YouthMin.org Facebook community), we can help you promote it and make it look great! Download this Launch theme for your Youth Ministry fall kickoff event, and you get:

16×9 editable event image for slideshow, Editable Launch event instagram image, Instagram blank Launch themed image, 10 day Launch themed countdown, Launch logo rocket


youth pastor seeking jobFlat Resume Template (normally $8)

Searching for  an open Youth Ministry position? Knowing what sites have ministry openings is one thing, but how many other Youth Pastors are also searching those same listings? Grab this Resume template to help yourself stand out in the pile of submissions.




youth group bulletin 8.5 x 11 Youth Bulletin (normally $8)

These bulletins are great to hand out to your students so they can be up to date with all info, know what your ministry is for, and a place to take notes. It also comes in three formats so you should be able to edit pretty easily

These bulletins come in three formats:

  • A version that can be edited in regular Photoshop.
  • A version that can be edited in Photoshop Elements.
  • A version that can be edited in Microsoft Word

Student ministry social media cardConnections Card (normally $5)

Use this simple card to help students connect with your student ministry! It’s extremely helpful to hand out so students know how to subscribe to text message updates and where they can find you in the world of social media.

Everything in this card is fully customizable, but it’s set up in an easy and simple way for anyone to be able to edit it for their group. We’ve made it to match the specifications that are standard for most print agencies so you can get it printed easily as well!


announcement_cardsSmall Group Leader Announcement cards (normally $5)

Small Group Leader/Volunteer Announcement card. Give these cards to your volunteers and/or small group leaders to remind them of announcements to share in their small group time. They can also be used to give to students. What we suggest you put on the card:
-A Fun Riddle, Joke, or Fact
-A quick Bible verse or some practical ways to live the Christian life


info_boards_templateInformation Board Templates (normally $10)

Do you want to communicate better with visitors and parents? Download this display board template and input your communication pieces. These work perfect in frames hung on a wall or official glass display cases. For printing, I go through www.zazzle.com and get a great deal!

Up your game in no time!

Package includes the original font and 2 .psd files

camp retreat theme pack Camp / Retreat Starter Pack (normally $12)
This pack includes:

  • Complete graphics package for Summer Camp / Retreat (Pursue theme – PSD files)
  • Design elements for Camp Booklet (PSD)
  • Projection slides for each day, including daily themes (PSDs and JPEGS)
  • Complete Camp / Retreat Booklet including Schedule, Guidelines, Daily Devotions, Scripture Memory Sheet, and Notes pages (Indesign and PDF for reference)

starter_bundleYouth Ministry Starter Pack (normally $10

Download this starter package for your youth ministry. It includes welcome slides, a calendar template, branding package, and small group starter resources.





student leaders youth group resourcesStudent Leadership Application & extras (normally $8)

One of the vital roles of Youth Ministry is to equip students to do the work God has called them to, both today and tomorrow. One of the ways Youth Pastors can do that is through student leadership teams.

This download comes with an editable word document as well as a ready to go .pdf, for students to prayerfully fill out. It also comes with several 16×9 powerpoint slides to promote sign ups, and a few other goodies for your Student Leadership Team.

youth group nerf warsNerf Wars event poster (normally $3)

Download this grey design to promote a nerf wars event night! All of the design files are included to customize this in a matter of minutes and start printing, and it’s scalable, so you can create handouts, invites, and powerpoint slides to match the them!

Download contains Photoshop files.



youth ministry nerf warsNerf Wars event poster (normally $3)

Download this grey design to promote a nerf wars event night! All of the design files are included to customize this in a matter of minutes and start printing, and it’s scalable, so you can create handouts, invites, and powerpoint slides to match the them!

Download contains Photoshop files.



thumbnail_winter_retreatWinter Retreat Design pack (normally $10)

You’ve got a killer sermon series for your winter retreat, now you just need to full graphics package to go with it.

Thats where this bundle will save the day. Everything is fully customizable, and it’ll save you a ton of hours of prep work, and/or money compared to sending it off to someone else.

This download pack comes with informational postcards to send out before registration and drum up interest in the upcoming retreat, designs for a devotional booklet and cover, Facebook images, flyers to hand out, posters to put up, lanyard nematodes, and even the T-shirt design.

visitor check in cards church

Monochromatic Info Cards (normally $3)

Included in this product are:

  • Fully Editable and layered PSDs (Must use Photoshop or similar)
  • A Photoshop Elements version
  • JPGs and PDFs with no logo so you can simply add your logo in Word, Pages, Publisher, or
  • whatever other program you use.
  • A Free Font to use!

thumbnail_spring2016Spring 2016 6 Month Calendar (normally $10)

Download this spring 6 month calendar for 2016. It comes with 4 design variations and 2 bonus variations. All fonts are include and the files are easily editable with a basic Photoshop understanding.

6 total design variations
.PSD Photoshop files


youth group zombies Outbreak Zombie Event Advertising Package (normally $6)
Package includes:

  • 11×17 Poster Design (PSD)
  • 1280×720 HD Projection Slide (PSD)
  • 1280×1280 Instagram Image (PSD)
  • 11×17 Poster (JPEG) for reference



Youth Ministry Postcard CalendarPostcard Calendar (normally $5)

We wanted to have something that we could easily interchange events in order to mail out to students on a monthly basis, so this is one of the templates we came up with. It’s a great 4×6 postcard that helps us get the word out about our upcoming series, studies, and hangouts in our Youth Ministry to students who are connected to our ministry, as well as those we haven’t seen in a while.

This download contains photoshop files, which you will need (or something similar) in order to edit the postcard. Don’t have photoshop but want to use this resource? Email us, and we can customize it for you for a crazy cheap price.

youth ministry 5th quarter event5th Quarter branding package (normally $5)

Are you looking for a great outreach event or maybe to brand an existing 5th Quarter event? Look no further! This branding package includes an 8 1/2 x 11 flyer that’s perfect to hand out or post in schools. It also includes an info card template to print 4 up on your own card stock. You’ll be able to cut them out and give them to students to pass out at school. We’ve also thrown in a Facebook Cover image and all the fonts used.

You can customize all of the colors and text too! You can’t get much better than that!

pausethumbnailPause Sermon series graphics (normally $3)

Download this graphic for your own “Pause” series. Items Included:
– Main Slide
– Scripture Slide
– Facebook Cover
– .psd files included to edit as you please



comewithme_thumbCome with Me Invited Cards (normally $5)

Are you looking for a great way to encourage your students to invite their friends? Download this invite card! It’s designed to be printed at VistaPrint or another service as a business card (front/back). Just upload it online and print away!

Download Contains:
Front & Back Photoshop PSD file
Font folder


youth group christmas cards Youth Ministry Christmas Cards (normally $5)

Three different fun Christmas Cards to have you or your leaders write awesome notes to your students with. You will need Photoshop or something similar to edit these. Included is a photoshop elements version as well (You will not be able to edit these in Microsoft Word or Pages).



16 games


download youth group fun gameThe Last Word (normally $3)

If you’ve played buzzwords in the past, then you’ll love this game that is very similar. Instead of getting into groups and making lists over the course of a minute, contestants from teams come up front to see who can have the last word. A category will come up on the screen, such as presidents, and students shout out an answer first. They then take turns, alternating, between giving an answer to that category, until one takes more than 4 seconds or says a wrong answer

youth group game Roll Away 2 (normally $3)

You will need 1 six-sided dice for this game. The bigger the better. Have two students come up front. You as the leader show and read the screen with a blank. Then roll the dice. What ever number it lands on the student has to blurt out as fast as they can the answer that corresponds to the number rolled. Super fun fast paced game.



image Roll Away: Biblical Edition (normally $3)

Same as Roll Away 2 except Biblically themed!





Camera Roll Scavenger Hunt Powerpoint Youth Ministry Game Camera Roll Scavenger Hunt Game (normally $3)
These days, it seems that everyone has a camera with them at all times, usually in the form of a smartphone. This is a quick game that requires no setup and can be a huge hit at your next group event. The game is really simple – have your students get into small groups. Then, put the list of items up on the screen and give students a few minutes to find as many of the items on the list that they can. The catch is they can ONLY use the photos that are already on the Camera Roll.ξIncluded in this download:

  • PowerPoint file with complete game (editable slides)
  • Editable PSD files (you’ll need Photoshop to edit the files)
  • PNG files to place into your presentation software

youth ministry download

 Fake or Florida (normally $3)

Florida is known for its crazy news stories. In this game your students have to guess whether the news headline is fake or a real news headline from Florida. This can be an upfront game or a yell from the crowd type of game. So much fun even a Floridian will love it!




Minecraft Mania Powerpoint Game Youth Ministry Minecraft Mania Game (normally $3)
Minecraft is huge with students.  They love playing, creating, and taking out creepers.  One of the hallmarks of Minecraft is the blocky graphics that make up the Minecraft world.  In this silly PowerPoint game, students are asked to identify images that look like they belong on Minecraft.  Simply show the “blocky” graphic and have students guess at what they think the image is.  You can play as a group or pit a couple students against each other.  Easy to play and sure to energize your next youth group.

This package includes: Game slides (JPEG)

youth ministry helpBrandWars (normally $3)

If you like games like SuperFight you will love this! This is a fun upfront game that involves debating. Five round of having students come up front to argue why their brand is better. A panel of judges of your choosing (typically volunteer leaders) determines the winner. After five rounds, the team with the most victories win.



youth group powerpoint games Around The Room (normally $3)

Around the room is like a youth room scavenger hunt. Divide your group into teams and have them try to find the item on the screen as fast as they can. The team that brings up the item on the screen first gets the point. Have fun laughing while your students try to be creative finding everything on the screen.



youth ministry game Reverse Charades: Extreme Sports (normally $3)

Reverse Charades is one of our groups favorite games, and you’re group will love it to. This downloadable Youth Ministry resource contains everything you need to just pop the game into powerpoint and or your presentation software and go!




youth ministry game Reverse Charades – Chick Flicks (normally $3)

A fun game that will get your students talking about their favorite Chick Flicks.





youth ministry game HMM & HMM – Theme Songs (normally $3)

This great game will get your entire youth group humming their favorite movie and tv show theme songs!




youth ministry resources Ship It Or Nah (normally $3)

You have heard of Brangelina & Kimye. Now meet biblical couples’ names mashed up together. You can play this as an upfront game or a big group game where they yell out the answer. You show a slide that has the ship’d name and they have to figure out what biblical couple it is. Great game for a series on dating and relationships.



TV-SHOW-TRIvia TV Show Theme Song Trivia Game (normally $3)

Super simple and fun game. You play 10-30 seconds of a TV show that your students know (or should know) and they write down the answer. The person with the most answers win! Included in this game is:

  • YouTube or Spotify Playlist to all the theme songs
  • Title Slide
  • Printable Answer Sheet


youth ministry group gamesHmm and Hmm Love Songs (normally $3)

This is the perfect game for a series on relationships or during the Valentines Day season. Hmm and Hmm is a game played by having the audience hum a song while a contestant (or two) guess what melody is coming at them. We play it with guys against girls to add some extra fun, and our group loves it!

youth ministry christmas party ideasShort Stories Christmas Movie edition (normally $3)

A few weeks ago, we released an awesome new game for youth ministries called short stories. Our groups loved playing it so much, we knew we’d have to make a Christmas version for our upcoming Christmas Parties, so we’re sharing it with you!

If you haven’t played Short stories, we take movies and tell the story in just 5 words. We dont just describe the movie in 5 words, we give you the story. Some movies are tougher to decipher than others, but theres a great mix of easy and brutal in this download.


youth group bible games powerpoint downloadWhere in the Bible? (normally $3)

Who doesn’t love a great game that helps get your students to open their Bibles and get familiar with them. Many Youth Pastors wonder how acquainted students are with their bibles, maybe you’re like me and wondering if some of your students can even locate their bibles or you’ve got new christians who are still learning the layout.

This game promotes teamwork as it’s another great game that everyone plays, the more people involved the better chance your team will have!


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