Divergent: 4 week sermon series on Leviticus

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DIVERGENT: 4 week series on Leviticus

Divergent means to be different. And we do all kinds of things to be different. Dye our hair crazy
colors. Put gauges in our ears. We try to be different to stand out from everyone else but God
asks His people to live a different lifestyle to get closer to Him and give them a better way to

*This series barely scratches the surface of Leviticus. Rather it starts with an intro week to
understand why God had Moses write the book, then follows up with 3 main focuses from
different sections of the book. Those that read the chapters in between each week will be the
ones that really get the full experience of the book of Leviticus.

Session One: Be Different
Session Two: Different Commitment
Session Three: Different Living
Session Four: Different Habits *no discussion questions* *prayer stations*

This series includes:
– Title slide and a scripture slide
– Count down the days instagram pics (i.e. 3days until…) to build anticipation
– 3 instagram pics per session that is either a scripture or main idea from the previous session.
It helps the message to stick throughout the week.
– Some weeks include prop ideas and/or worship elements
– Also Small group discussion questions
– Week 4 has no small group discussion questions but has a prayer station element to close out
the session.

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