Conflicting Views

Gather ten people in a room and ask them to give their views on a selection of topics and you will quickly hear ten different views on each topic. It’s not hard to find someone who has a conflicting view of something that you hold, but if you can’t then just go to comments on a YouTube video on that topic.

We are surrounded by a thousand different views, so what do we know what to believe? How do we determine who is right and who is wrong? Can we even be sure that we are right? In “Conflicting Views,” we teach on some of the hot button issues in our culture. Our hope is not to win an argument, but to know what Scripture says and to help formalize our beliefs amid conflicting views.

In this purchase, you will receive:

– Slides for every week (ppt)
– Graphics (psd/jpeg)
– Word for word manuscripts (19 pages)
– WEEK 1 – Racism
– WEEK 2 – Sexuality/Gender
– WEEK 3 – Truth

Disclaimer: There are many different views on these subjects, so I need to be clear that I am coming from a conservative reformed evangelical viewpoint on each subject. The inerrancy of Scripture is taught and the historical view of sexuality and gender is as well.

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