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in on February 11, 2019
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Break Even is an excel spreadsheet built for youth pastors. The spreadsheet contains detailed instructions on how to input your data, keep track of your expenses, and tell you how close you are to breaking even. For a lot of youth ministry events we aren’t looking to make money or break our budget, we just want to break even. Now you don’t have to guess anymore, rather you can set your registration costs with confidence that you aren’t going to blow your budget!

Dylan’s review:
‘I think this is fantastic. I used it today in a rough trial for an event we have coming up in November, and this really helped. It also gave me one less headache to deal with because I am no math person.’

BreakEven Features

  • Detailed instructions on how to utilize BreakEven
  • Worksheets to keep track of costs to see how many students you need to signup
  • Play with how much you need to charge and how much you can spend to find your perfect break even point
  • Helps you balance, ‘How much can I spend to make my event great?’ with, ‘How much do I need to charge my students?’

BONUS Pizza Calculator

  • Helpful tool to better educate your guess on how much pizza to order
  • Give more accurate results by calculating number of pizzas needed based on gender
  • Automatically calculate the cost of pizza for your event

Bryan’s review:
‘Hey this is super awesome. I took a look at it on the apps on my laptop, but for now everything seems to be working fine on my iPhone. The pizza calculator and everything else are awesome.’

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