Bold 3 Week sermon series

in on January 11, 2019
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God does not call Christian’s to live timid lifes of trying to blend in, but he calls us to be bold in our thoughts and actions. Over three weeks, we’ll look at 3 people from the Old Testament who took bold action to do what God wanted them to do.

Week 1 we’ll learn about Ruth in a message to helps explain our need for salvation.

Week 2 we’ll learn about Hosea in a message that calls us to greater love.

Week 3 we’ll learn about Gideon and having confidence in God.

This download contains a series overview and each week comes with a detailed outline to help you craft and shape the message to be your own. There are no transcripts, but you have everything you need to fill in the blanks and craft these messages. Here is a sample of what we mean.

Also included in this download is series artwork and a 5 minute countdown branded for the series.

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