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It’s easy to feel like we have nothing when we are surrounded by a culture that is constantly screaming MORE, MORE, MORE! But the truth is that the things of this earth are not what make our lives ‘blessed’, and even the material things that are nice to have are given to us for a reason.

Over three weeks in this series, you’ll look at what makes us blessed, how we don’t earn blessings from God, he freely gives them, and lastly, how God blesses us so that we can bless others.

This download contains a series outline with bottom lines and scripture help, as well as the graphic package to teach through it.

Although almost all of our sermon series are full transcripts, this is one we intentionally made as an outline. We’ve found most youth¬†workers appreciate having a general direction to fill in with their own stories, and our outline series work great to give to volunteers to be able to preach.

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