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in on April 11, 2019
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Love is _________.

How you fill in that space tells a lot about a person. Who you listen to says a lot about how you’ll fill it in. The students in our Youth Ministries get a lot of messages on what love is from the world around them, what are they getting from the church?

This 5 week (easily 6 week) series takes a look at 5 statements with blank spaces that students must decide between how the world fills them in, or how God fills them in. These statements cover issues like the above, what is Love, as well as taking a look at God’s view of dating, God’s idea for sex, and what we should look for in who we date/marry if we wish to Honor God. We did extensive Biblical Research to prepare these messages, we hit tough topics and difficult conversations head on, and we draw some clear lines between what the world offers and what God’s word says.

This package contains 5 weeks, each with a message transcript and a full discussion guide for break out groups/small groups after the lesson. We did this as a 6 week series with a Relationship Panel as week 6, so that’s how you make it a 6 week series, but we can’t make our panelists downloadable, so you only get 5 weeks.

As an added bonus, you get our files for playing the Whisper Challenge game, which we did on week 1. We used this series to play several Battle of the Sexes games, most of which can be found here on!

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