Big Game Trivia

in on January 27, 2019
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Big Game Trivia is a screen-based game for the biggest professional football game party. These questions have four answers for your contestants to make their best guess. You get 11 question and answers on PowerPoint and JPG images of 1920×1080 pixels. Plus, you get a blank slide where you can add your own questions and answers. You can use the PowerPoint file or import the images into any other software you use for presenting.

Included in the Product:

  • 10 Q&A + 1 Tie Breaker Q&A (PowerPoint)
  • 10 Q&A + 1 Tie Breaker Q&A (JPG images)
  • 1 Blank Slide (PowerPoint)
  • 1 Blank Slide (JPG images)
  • Answer Sheet (Word & PDF)
  • Overview with How to Play (Word)

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