Beach Party Games

in on May 14, 2020
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Here’s a set of games for your next ‘beach party’ themed night at youth group, camp, or that winter retreat that needs some sun & surf! Download a Spotify playlist of 60’s surfer music, decorate for the beach, get some beach-towels, flip-flops and sunglasses for prizes and you’re ready to run some beach party games! This download will instruct you how to play 5 BEACH-THEMED GAMES with your own easy-to-find resources at your next event!

This download will explain how each game works, and then also provide several variations for these games so you can customize them to your group’s needs. You will need to provide your own supplies for each game, from sand & gummy sharks to pool noodles to inflatable pool rafts! Games range from up front games with a few participants to whole-group participation in some wide games. You can play these games in your youth room, a gym, your auditorium, or outside!

This is a great set of games for camp, youth group, or even as part of a discussion of John 21!

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