Banana for Scale

in on January 22, 2020
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We probably all know how long a football field is.

100 yards = 300 feet = 3,600 inches

But that doesn’t help us see it’s size at full scale, and for that, there is only one unit of measurement that is universally accepted – Bananas.

In this game, students must deduct how tall or long a famous thing is using bananas. For instance, the average banana length is 7 inches, and Russell Wilson is 5’10”, or 70″, therefore, Russell Wilson is 10 bananas long.

This download contains 11 rounds of questions, with 3 slides for each round, all as individual slides for you to quickly load into presentation software such as pro presenter or sidekick. It also comes preloaded as a powerpoint, so you can download and play today!

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